Financial Expert Octavia Conner Teaches Entrepreneurs How to Make Millions


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Octavia Conner Uses Her Accounting and Near-Foreclosure Experience to Educate Others on Financial Responsibility

ENSPIRE Contributor: Maya Lanzone

Financial expert Octavia Conner is making strides in the financial industry. She is the CEO of Say Yes to Profits, a virtual CFO firm that specializes in financial management and consulting with an emphasis on accountability. Conner’s expertise in the industry is clear in her 80-90% success rate and her clients’ 30%-350% increase in revenue within 12 months. 

Besides her professional experience as an accountant for 16 years, Conner’s personal experiences have shaped her into the expert entrepreneur she is today. Within a short period of only 14 months, Conner went from a six-figure corporate job to nearly foreclosing on her new home to building a million-dollar business.

Courtesy of Octavia Conner

Conner spoke with ENSPIRE about her business, personal and professional experiences:

How did you go from a 6-figure corporate job to almost foreclosing on your new home to building a million-dollar business in just 14 months? 

My journey into entrepreneurship lacked a plan, accountability, and financial insight. In my quest to serve small businesses, I forgot about my business. From day one, I would wake up excited to help entrepreneurs manage their finances, become fiscally responsible, and build profitable businesses, but I was robbing Peter to pay Paul. My financial struggles really hit rock bottom when my home was two months away from foreclosure. As the last option to not lose my home, I returned to corporate America and rebuilt my business, mindset, and life from the ground up. I emerged from corporate America after 12 months as a 6-figure business owner and achieved 7-figures shortly after. 

Why is helping others financially important to you? Why do you want to help small businesses to succeed? 

Because I understand how it feels to operate a consulting firm, but money is few and far between. I understand how it feels to put your all into a dream only to be broke, busted, and afraid of what bill or problem may come the next day. But I also understand what it takes to go from owing money to making six figures in less than 12 months, and then making seven figures shortly after. I want to be the reason why millions of business owners smile when they log into their bank accounts. I want to do my part in eradicating small business failure, one company at a time. I believe that if I can achieve success as a black woman from humble beginnings, others can do the same. 

What motivates you? And what motivated you during the financially unstable period of time in your life? 

What motivates me are my kids and life goals. I believe in building generational wealth. I believe in being a role module for my son and three girls. I want my kids to look at their mother and know that if she did it, they can too. In addition, I believe that if I bet on myself and give my dream my all, success has no other option but to occur. 

What piqued your interest in finance? 

I have a deep love for numbers! I’ve always enjoyed solving the financial puzzle. Plus, I know how to make the numbers work to benefit entrepreneurs and to help entrepreneurs leverage their finances to scale faster, smarter, and consistently. 

Why did you decide to create your own business? 

I decided to create Say Yes To Profits to help small businesses become fiscally responsible and never have money worries again! I have made it a personal mission to help one million business owners cross the million-dollar before it’s all said and done. 

Courtesy of Octavia Conner

Conner’s success story is truly inspiring and clear enough that hard work and dedication can pull you out of difficult situations. She made the best out of the worst and could come out ahead. Conner now shares the wealth by using her personal experiences to teach business owners financial responsibility and to eradicate small business failure. 

Check out tips to help your small business grow by reading Conner’s book or check out her business here!  

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