Female Founder in Fashion Creates Affordable Luxury Loungewear


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Diandra Harvin Creates Noite Rose, an Affordable Luxury Loungewear Brand with Alluring yet Cozy Nightwear 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Maya Lanzone

Diandra Harvin is a female founder in fashion to keep on your radar. Her passion for fashion and empowering other women led her to create the affordable luxury loungewear brand Noite Rose, which offers alluring yet cozy nightwear. The Black woman-owned brand offers a variety of styles, including dresses, rompers, and sets that feature a blend of comfort and romance. Harvin notes, “It’s for those of us who want to lounge in the house but still think ‘oh girl, you still got it’ when passing a hallway mirror.” 

Harvin, the creative mind behind Noite Rose, graduated from Kent State with a degree in Fashion Merchandise and the University of Tampa with a Master of Business Administration. She had a successful career as a corporate digital marketer but desired a greater purpose for her skill set. Thus, Harvin launched Noite Rose in October 2021, amid the pandemic. As a newlywed, she wanted to provide herself and others with both comfortable and inviting nightwear without being too forward. 

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Harvin spoke with ENSPIRE about her business and personal life: 

Why did you name the company Noite Rose? 

The simplistic meaning of Noite Rose is evening rose. We can all trace back to a time when we received a long stem at a romantic dinner, bouquet on a holiday, or petals when our partner greeted us at the door. No matter your unique experience, we all have one that evokes a feeling in us, and Noite Rose wants to reinforce it each time you wear a garment.

My late Grandmother’s name is Rosie. She was the most compassionate, generous, and genuine being I’ve ever met. Even with only a third grade education, she used her innate culinary skill set to create jobs for other illiterate women with families and she always gave back to her community. As a tribute to her selflessness, I had to make sure her legacy would live through this brand. 

What role did your marriage play in the creation of your company? 

My marriage had a huge impact. I got married 5 short months before the pandemic lockdown. Being newlywed in quarantine, I was led to launch Noite Rose because I wanted to provide myself (and others) alluring-yet-cozy nightwear solutions. I noticed that I was working so hard during the week, and during my/our time on the weekends I was dressed in frumpy t-shirts and oversized boxers. The clothes served as a red flag to myself that I wasn’t taking care of myself. Once I understood that there was something deeper that needed to be addressed, I realized there are countless women that give endlessly but don’t take the time to recharge themselves. I am most proud of the feedback that I receive from our customers. They tell us that they never want to take Noite Rose off and also that it helped restore their confidence after gaining weight.

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How did the pandemic affect your business? 

From day one until now, the pandemic has had an impact on my business. From the beginning, I had issues with identifying the fabric since the factories weren’t allowing clients inside. Once I identified the fabric after 6 weeks‌ of mailing swatches back and forth to the manufacturer, the supplier ran out of fabric and that delayed my launch for two months. When it was time for a reorder, the factory employees contracted Covid so they were shut down for three weeks. To this day, we are affected by the pandemic because a lot of the larger companies are doing domestic production because of shipment delays and shut downs in other countries. This is causing my small company to be deprioritized in the production line up.

Why is empowering other women important to you? 

It is the “why” behind Noite Rose, and without the “why”, there would be no Noite Rose. The importance of lifting people with you and helping others along the way has always been instilled in me. Women hold so much power, ability, and life within and sometimes need a reminder that we are THAT girl. One of my favorite parts of Noite Rose is collaborating with other women brands. It’s easy to get a mindset to compete with each other, however once you realize there are enough customers and dollars for us all to succeed, that’s when we really win and can excel at a higher trajectory. If my brand and story can help empower women to live to their full potential, starve their fear, and achieve their dreams, my life’s purpose will be fulfilled.

Where did your love of fashion come from?  

As a young girl, I remember being pushed around the mall for hours by my Mom as she tried on all different types of fashions and paired them with bold accessories. My Mom was the First Lady at church so her fashions were always in the spotlight and she always delivered high fashion week after week. I was so inspired by her consistency to always look amazing without repeating an outfit, that I studied fashion trends to help her be ahead of the curve (although sometimes I was too ahead of the curve and missed the mark haha). She in turn taught me the importance of having style rather than following every trend, and since then I’ve valued (and created 🙂 ) timeless garments.

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As a Black female entrepreneur, Harvin is making strides in the fashion industry. Her affordable yet luxury loungewear company Noite Rose empowers women everywhere to feel comfortable without sacrificing the romantic aspect of sleepwear. 

Harvin is currently working on the Spring and Summer lines for Noite Rose, so stay tuned for their launch. You can check out her nightwear on the Noite Rose Instagram and website

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