Supermodel TrayJudo Makes Waves in the Fashion Industry


( ENSPIRE Feature ) TrayJudo’s Unique Taste in Music and Fashion is Under the Spotlight After his Feature in Saucy Santana’s Music Video

ENSPIRE Contributor: Maya Lanzone

TrayJudo, the up-and-coming model, was brought to the spotlight during his feature in Saucy Santana’s music video for hit single “Walk.” Tray used the opportunity to showcase his personal fashion collection by wearing his pieces during his appearance in the viral music video. He gained quite some attention for his edgy sense of style and has since modeled for big names in the fashion industry, such as Fashion Nova, Naked Wolf, Jaded London, and Dolls Kill. 

Tray also walked the red carpet for the film You Married Dat??, and has headlined several media outlets such as Medium and We Empower Magazine. Combining his passion for music and fashion, TrayJudo continues to grow his platform and make waves in the fashion industry.

Courtesy of TrayJudo

ENSPIRE spoke with TrayJudo about his passion for music and fashion: 

What draws you to music and fashion? 

The art of expression is what truly draws me to music and fashion. I’ve always felt so comfortable with music and I feel like music and fashion really go hand in hand. 

What musicians and fashion icons do you draw inspiration from and why? 

I draw inspiration from many places. From Kanye West and the Yeezy brand transforming into a cultural juggernaut, it is today to Kate Moss being a fashion force on runways to the 90s club kid fashion muses. I feel like I’m a person who can find fashion inspiration in almost anything I like. All those things give me inspiration because they’re all such different styles. I never want to be boxed into just-style. I want to have a plethora of styles to choose from. 

How would you describe your sense of fashion? 

I describe my sense of fashion as modern haute couture. Adapting to any style is one of my passions. I particularly love my style because it’s constantly changing and progressing. 

How would you describe your taste in music? 

I would describe my taste in music as universal! My music catalog is so wide; ‌I can go from listening to Lana del Rey and Billie Eilish to Nicki Minaj to Sade to Rihanna. I can almost listen to anything and enjoy it — even Mozart. I have a great ear for music.

Can you tell me more about “DrapedbyJudo”? 

Drapedbyjudo is a brand that I am very proud of! It’s something that’s ‌special to me. Anything I put together I feel is a reflection of my artistic expression at the moment. I want to do a full release of the brand when my music is complete, so right now I’m working on wrapping everything up entirely. 

What was it like to be a part of Saucy Santana’s music video “Walk”? 

Being in the walk music video genuinely put things into perspective for me. It was so fun and I feel like it was where I truly belonged. I would do it 100x over! It really kept me motivated in furthering myself as a creative person. I’m so thankful I got to experience it. 

How does positivity play a role in your life? 

Positivity really plays a major role in my life. I do everything in my creative world surrounded by positivity. I literally create my best work when I’m in the best place energy-wise. 

Courtesy of TrayJudo

Tray has amassed a social media following of 65,000 within only a year, and his platform, and his passion for art, only continue to grow. The rising fashion guru states, “I’m a brand owner who’s passionate about my craft and it’s not just about a quick check.”

Tray’s in the fashion industry because of the inspiration that it brings him and because of the outlet for his creativity that it provides. He is grateful for the growth of his brand in such a short period of time and is excited for what the future holds.  

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