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On Wednesday, May 4, 2022, at 9 P.M./8C, Decor Remixed followed the process of Dominique Calhoun as she worked to design a cool “selfie” content room. Hosted by the interior designer, the hot new CLEO TV show shines a spotlight on the art of decorating and transforming dull spaces into new, fresh and innovative environments.

In this episode, Dominique and Dre meet with return client, Mico, to go over the design for Philadelphia’s first-ever, “selfie” content room. Meanwhile, Dominique’s mom Dawn has been helping out around the studio but Dominique feels it’s time to hire an assistant.

Decor Remixed follows interior designer Dominique Calhoun, principal at Remix Living, as she takes on clients who have yet to realize their space’s full potential. Her philosophy is to make “high impact design accessible to everyone” on a reasonable budget. In each episode, Dominique, along with her network of makers and artisans, gets creative to deliver a space beyond the clients’ wildest expectations. Based in Philadelphia, she adds a personal touch to each design job by incorporating custom pieces from the iconic city’s artisan community. No project is ever the same, but they will always find a way to accomplish their goals regardless of how impossible the project may seem.

Decor Remixed is produced by Dorsey Pictures (a Red Arrow Studios company), with Chris Dorsey and Matt Assmus serving as Executive Producers. Heather Vasquez serves as the Supervising Producer. For CLEO TV, Jason Ryan and Allison Simmons serve as the Executive Producers in Charge of Production. Susan Henry serves as Senior Director of Original Programming and Production.

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Chef Essie Bartels Makes Delicious “Red Red” Beans and T-Bone Steak On This Week’s Episode Of Global Gourmet Premiered on Wednesday, May 4 At 9:30 P.M./8:30C

CLEO TV’s new lifestyle series, Global Gourmet, premieres every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m./8:30C. Hosted by the renowned Chef Essie Bartels, the show highlights the joys of delicious food and stories of wanderlust travel.

In the most recent episode, it’s all about the heat! Essie brings it in with her love of spices. First, she prepares an authentic spicy African bean dish called “Red Red.” Then, she cooks up a T-bone steak seasoned with Suya Rub. She tops it all off with a tasty side of spinach. Click here to try the delectable recipe.

Chef Essie is the person from whom you want to learn in the kitchen and in life. She also shows a delicate balancing act as a creator, traveler, entrepreneur, and mogul on Global Gourmet. Her extensive travels across the globe have inspired colorful stories and the most incredible dishes bursting with flavor and passion. Growing up in Ghana, her mother’s tiny kitchen is where her love affair with spice ignited and it has now grown into an empire. Chef Essie believes that spice is the anchor to a great dish, taking viewers on a flavorful journey bringing West African cuisine to the world!

Global Gourmet is produced by Powerhouse Productions, with Rochelle Brown and Sonia Armstead serving as Executive Producers. For CLEO TV, Jason Ryan and Allison Simmons serve as the Executive Producers in Charge of Production. Susan Henry serves as Senior Director of Original Programming and Production.

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Watch a clip of her latest recipe here.

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