Dr. Karen Advice Column: How Should Divorced Parents with Children Manage the Dating Game?


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Megan Grosfeld

Dr. Karen:

I am a recently divorced father of 2 months. I was married for twelve years and now I am ready to date again. I have three daughters and want to know what’s up with the dating sites and how to get back in the game again. I also want to be respectful of my daughters since I will be bringing other women around them.

Dear Back in the Game:

Has the ink dried yet on your divorce papers? Even though the marriage is over, you need to give yourself some time and space. Get that mirror out and take a close look and evaluate who you are now since the divorce. There are a few questions you should be asking yourself. What are your motivations for dating again? Have you healed emotionally from the last relationship? Do you have any fears (your daughters feeling like they might lose their father to another woman?) and how does that make you feel? This conversation and more should start earlier than later.

Dr. Karen January holding her book Lessons Mama Never Taught Me

You don’t want another break-up. So, take your time playa there is no rush. There are plenty of beautiful sistas on the dating sites and off to meet.

How easy is it to date after a divorce when you have kids? Is there a time limit before finding love again? What do you think?

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Dr. January is a State Certified Counselor (M.S.Ed.) in Community Mental Health, Educational Counseling, and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. Her book “Lessons Mama Never Taught Me” profiles ten women and the hard-knock challenges they experienced due to the lessons they missed growing up and the steps they took toward healing. It can be purchased on Amazon.com. Visit her website here.

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