Spring Photo Shoot Ideas for Family Photographers

Spring Photo Shoot Ideas for Family Photographers

( ENSPIRE Lifestyle ) Backgrounds and Poses To Make the Most of Spring-Time Photos

Nature is in full bloom in the spring, so it’s the best time of year for families to update their family photos. These spring photo session ideas will help you prepare for the season!


Being aware of what is behind your subject is an essential aspect of photography, especially when considering spring photo shoot ideas for family photographers. Uncontrollable moments will occur, like people walking through your shot or immovable objects.

While you can’t direct people away from your photo, you can move to a different angle and wait a few moments for people to move out of the way. If there is no way to make it work, adjust the frame. The tighter the frame, the less likely you will capture distractions behind your subjects. Some creative spring background ideas are:

  • Constructed backdrops including flower arrangements, plants, and eggs
  • Berry picking farm
  • Barn
  • Floral wall

Family Mini Sessions

These shoots are essential because they allow families to “sample” your work at a lower price. There is a lot to consider when preparing for a mini session, including the dates you would like to hold them on. Please choose the date wisely to ensure that you can return the photos to the families in time for them to use them for the season. Some fun ideas include:

  • Running through flowers
  • Gardening
  • Including baby animals, such as lambs, bunnies, or goats
  • Standing beside oversized Easter eggs
  • Holding floral bouquets


One of the often-difficult tasks of family photographers is the concept of posing. While children can be highly unpredictable, it helps to give them one directive at a time and have the parents set and ready for when the children decide to cooperate for the perfect shot. Having spring photo shoot ideas for family photographers in mind before the shoot will help things run smoothly and ensure that you get the picture you need. Some ideas to help get you started include:

  • Siblings hugging
  • Whispering in an ear
  • Holding hands while walking
  • Kid’s wrestling dad
  • Mom points out details to the children