Young Singer-Songwriter on Mission to Unite People Through Music


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Gauri Paighan, a Young Singer-Songwriter, is on a Mission to Unite People Through Her Music

ENSPIRE Contributor: Maya Lanzone

Gauri Paighan is a young singer-songwriter on a mission to unite humans with her music. Her slow-paced songs feature poetic lyrics and a unique sound. With a focus on lyrics and melody, Paighan’s alternative folk-pop music expresses untold emotions and brings people together through the universal language of music. 

Paighan’s music is especially influenced by the artists of the sixties and seventies. The messages passed on in their songs inspired her, including how the universe works, the problems we collectively face in the world, and how music can make the world a better place. She said, “In the modern world and generation, I quite feel like I don’t fit in so I always kind of like to make sure that with each song, I am passing the messages and energies of the old generation too.” 

Gauri Paighan

Besides older artists, Paighan’s life experiences inspire her songs. They contain themes ranging from nature to her sexuality. Released early this May, her song “Connected Parts” is the first single in her album coming out later this year. It shares the importance of loving all living things. Gauri could connect herself with the living things on our earth on her mission to find peace, realizing that every living thing has its own story to share. “Connected Parts” shares the story of how everything becomes you and you become everything, with no such thing as separation. 

Another of Paighan’s songs, “Rare Nerine,” compares a love interest to the nerine flower that symbolizes freedom and good fortune. In the song’s description, Paighan writes ‌the flower has been compared to the depths of love that run through our heart. In her song “November !”, Paighan comes out as bisexual. She explained, “I never thought being in love with the same gender could be such a perfect balance of happiness and sadness. Since then, my whole perspective for love has changed. Love does not care about gender, race, color, or any circumstances that separate us. It’s the highest frequency in the entire universe and it’s all that there is!”

Gauri Paighan

Paighan plans to continue making music as long as her creativity permits her. She says, “As long as creativity flows to me, I achieve a lot of inner peace and inner growth from it. Seeing people happy and helping them transcend their consciousness and connect with them on a deeper level [is why I make music].” 

Stay tuned for her album drop later this year, which centers on the exploration of self and consciousness. To keep up with Paighan and her music, check out her social media: 

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