Collina Strada and Slow Factory Celebrate Earth Day With Dinner at the Terrace at the Times Square Edition


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Collina Strada and Slow Factory Host Event to Bring Awareness and Provoke Conversations Around Integrating Eco-Conscious Practice Into Our Lifestyles

ENSPIRE Contributor: Ava Girardi

On April 21st, Collina Strada and the Slow Factory Institute hosted an intimate evening dinner party at the EDITION hotel in Times Square to celebrate Earth Day. Friends and family were invited to celebrate this day to discuss the importance of sustainability. The main purpose of this event was to discuss effective methods to integrate eco-conscious practices into our daily lifestyles that support the Slow Factory Institute.

The designer brand Collina Strada was founded by designer Hillary Taymour in 2008. Taymour uses sustainable practices to design the clothing for her New York-based brand. Collina Strada takes a unique approach to fashion with bold prints and colorful pieces of clothing that are popular across the globe. For these pieces, Taymour uses sustainable fabrics and materials to manufacture the clothing in New York. Along with using sustainable products, Taymour’s mission is to create clothing that allows women to have a fearless attitude and enable them to be the best version of themselves. Taymour also wants to motivate women to self-reflect on who they are and what they can do. Collina Strada has not only paired with Slow Factory Institute but also The OR Foundation, which is based in the United States and brings awareness to integrating more sustainable practices into our lives. 

Photo Courtesy of Slow Factory

Collina Strada has paired up with the company Slow Factory Institute, which is a school and innovation lab focused on addressing climate change and social inequity. Created by founder Céline Semaan, the institute’s main mission is to “restore balance for humans and nature through design, education, and narrative change.” Through education, the organization is welcoming conversations around climate change and human rights in the U.S. They want to hear the voices of the global majority and their knowledge of the oppressive system. Through their innovation lab, they are creating a “waste to resource” system to aid in combating climate change. Finally, through narrative change, their main goal is to give solutions to people and organizations to overcome climate challenges. 

Photo Courtesy of Slow Factory

At the event at the EDITION, both Collina Strada and Slow Factory came together to share their similar point of view on climate change and spark conversation among their guests. Hosted by Taymour and Semaan, the event was lively with guests who are involved in activism, fashion, and art industries. Guests of the event enjoyed drinks and music while discussing important matters involving sustainability and talking about the future we have ahead of us. Taymour reminded her guest that they must preach positive change in order to have a better future, instead of focusing on the idea that the future is hopeless. Some special guests made an appearance as well at the event such as Kimberly Drew, Oyinda, Sara Hiromi, Jezz Chung, and many more. 

Through this special event, Taymour and Semaan remind us about the important discussion we must have to better the future for the generations to come. This event on Earth Day allowed the company Collina Strada and Slow Factory to have serious discussions on sustainability and simple ways we can integrate simple sustainable practices into our lives. Individuals like Taymour and Semaan are reminding us not to give up and promote positive change. With simple changes to our society, change can happen. This event showed that with basic discussions, we can inform and educate people to change their lives. Having discussions allows us to hear from all points of view and use them to combat all issues in our society.

Photo Courtesy of Slow Factory

To hear more from Collina Strada visit her Instagram. You can also check out Slow Factory on their Instagram. Learn more about these companies’ missions on their websites, Collina Strada and Slow Factory.

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