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My RVS Fleece (Mango)

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ENSPIRE Contributor: Rosemary Gonzalez

EDIT+ is a clothing brand that takes pride in setting an industry standard in climate-conscious fashion. “You do not have to sacrifice style to protect yourself against climate change,” said Jean Sung, the EDIT+ CEO & Founder. EDIT+, which launched last August, is reinventing the way fashion is made with sustainable styles as they continue to increase their efforts to combat the overproduction and waste the fashion industry creates every year. Studies have shown that the global fashion industry produces over 92 million tons of waste per year. In the U.S. alone, over 17 million tons of used textile waste are generated annually, but that has doubled in the last 20 years since then. EDIT+ is committed to making versatile and affordable fashion, but their goal is to impact the environment by reducing their carbon footprint positively.

When Sung, who is an apparel executive and has led global strategies, award-winning campaigns, and brand developments for brands like The North Face Korea, saw a void in the market and a need for clothing to be stylish, fashion-forward, functional in various climates, easily convertible to fit different needs, comfortable, and widely affordable, the EDIT+ brand was born. “As the name suggests, EDIT+ allows consumers to edit the article of clothing as needed, whether it be for a day to night look or to adjust for a climate change,” Sung said. “EDIT+ designs are created with removable articles like detachable hoods, coat extensions, and removable sleeves to accommodate for warmer or cooler temperatures.” In addition, the clothes are durable and are made with locally sourced recycled fabrics and upcycled materials to generate less waste. 

The EDIT+ clothing brand upholds its commitment to the environment with climate-conscious fashion. According to the Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and the guidance of David Y. Choi, Ph.D. the brand’s approach to business and sustainability is on track, having devised climate-conscious sustainability and an adaptation plan that comprises five strategic pillars:

  • Modular Design – EDIT+ offers clothing items designed to be modular to equip its customers for a wide range of weather conditions.
  • Smart Factory / Production System – EDIT+ utilizes local smart production systems to respond to customer demands quickly and accurately without incurring excess inventory or overseas shipping costs.
  • Advanced Functional Materials & Upcycling – EDIT+ utilizes sustainable materials while also reducing waste and reusing scrap materials.
  • Corporate Giving – EDIT+ is fully committed and is already engaged in a number of social and environmental programs. EDIT+ is proud to donate 10% of proceeds to globally respected non-Governmental organizations (NGO’s) with a focus on humanitarian and environmental social causes.
EDIT+ Fleece Coat
EDIT+ Fleece Coat
Credit: https://editplusmall.com/

This past September, EDIT+ launched their customizable and versatile 2021 Fall/Winter Collection, elevating the brand’s commitment to style, functionality, and climate control. The collection features five unique styles, including Day+ V2 Coat, Day+ V2 Ruffle, My RVS (Reversible) Fleece, EDIT+ MultiColor Fleece V2, and the return of EDIT+’s signature piece – the Saturday Sunday Hoodie, with different color combinations for both men and women, with prices ranging from $119 to $519. For more information about EDIT+ products, continue reading below or to purchase; visit the company’s website here.


Saturday Sunday Hoodie – EDIT+’s signature oversized hoodie comes with a detachable hood that converts into a crewneck sweater and removable decorative striping along the sleeves. This hoodie is made from 38% PET-recycled polyester and 62% cotton. (Available in Black, White, Brick, and Smoke Blue. Unisex Size: S/M/L/XL.) 

Day+ V2 Coat – A customizable, waterproof coat designed with a detachable extender – to transform the coat from a longer-length trench to a short cropped jacket. This versatile coat also features removable decorative striping along the sleeves and an oversized hood hidden inside a zippered collar. The detachable bottom also transforms into a portable travel bag. The shell of this coat is made from 100% PET-recycled material, and the lining is made from 100% recycled nylon. (Available in Khaki. Size: One Size Fits All) 

Day+ V2 Coat Ruffle – The Day+ V2 Coat is also available with a detachable ruffle bottom for an extra flair (Available in Khaki. Size: One Size Fits All)

My RVS Fleece – Reversible in style and design, the My RVS Fleece can be worn in two different ways. The Fleece style has a cozy, sherpa feel with a diagonal color block design and the signature EDIT+ logo stitched on the sleeve. Or you can reverse the style for a polyester singular color look that is water repellent and windproof. The RVS Fleece shell is made from 35% PET-recycled material, and the polyester lining is made from 100% PET-recycled material. (Available in Black/Black and Mango/White.)

EDIT+ MultiColor Fleece V2 – The EDIT+ Multicolor Fleece V2 is an oversized, color block fleece that comes in various colors, including Mint/Blue, Mango/Tan, and Black or White. This Fleece is designed with an accent zippered pocket for a pop of color, and like all of our Fleece items in this collection, it is made with 100% PET-recycled material.

DAY+ V2 Ruffle Coat

Create a positive impact on the environment and look stylish while doing it; with EDIT+ to support, click here.

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