Meet Actor/Writer/Podcaster ISAIAH FRIZZELLE


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Actor/Creator Isaiah Frizzelle Discusses New Endeavours and New Beginnings

ENSPIRE Contributor: Spencer Hatcher

ISAIAH FRIZZELLE. He’s an actor, creator, podcaster, writer, fitness trainer, a man wearing lots of hats, and his pilot BOY FRIENDS just premiered on YouTube, featuring an all-star Broadway cast.

Isaiah had a very fun, supporting role in this hilarious comedy, BOY FRIENDS. The show centers around two college roommates, one gay and one straight, and their “journey through college and into adulthood to become the homo-hetero power couple of the ages.”

We had the opportunity to sit down with Frizzelle to discuss the message behind BOY FRIENDS and his involvement in the show. “I think the biggest message behind BOY FRIENDS is that each of us is experiencing life individually but also collectively. Life throws a bunch of curve balls, but you bounce back, and a solid group of friends goes a long way in terms of getting through it all. When in doubt, sing and dance it out haha!”

Since you possess many occupations, how do you balance everyday life with your creations?

As you can tell, Frizelle possesses many occupations and we wondered how he is able to balance everyday life with his creations. “Well, art imitates life for me as Yoda as that may sound. Lately I’ve had to literally write out what needs to get done day to day so I don’t lose track of my goals, or lose my mind. It’s tricky and I really do my best to not treat my art like a chore or obligation. I make it a point to recognize that these things are what bring me peace and I can incorporate life experiences into each medium,” says Frizelle.

What are you writing your book on and who do you hope your audience to be?

My book is about understanding that a lot of experiences are not black and white, instead they “color” who we are as people. Starting from a young age, there’s a ton of programming that becomes a form of normalcy for each of us. Whether it’s our choice in relationships or how we express ourselves, taking a chance to process what is actually taking place and why goes a long way in healing and awareness. The audience I have in mind ranges from late teens to late adulthood. I figure by that point we’ve racked up a lot of thoughts, feelings, and emotions without actually taking a deeper look at them. More than anything my target audience is anyone who is willing to do the work to see themselves better and separate from their experiences, and above all, treat themselves better. Self Love. 

What does your podcast consist of and what topics do you discuss?

Mental Health Andddd some Horror; hahaaa. It’s a hybrid podcast. Mondays I talk about mental health but in terms of our day to day experiences. Last week, for example, I talked about what is actually happening in moments of confrontation with ourselves or with others. In moments of confrontation, it’s not so much about the fight, it’s more about each person feeling the need to be protected. “A birds-eye (elevated) view” of our day to day experiences so we don’t carry unnecessary weight through life. Fridays, I throw all of that out the window and narrate original horror stories that I’ve written. Bringing it full circle, each story I’ve written has either stemmed from a fleeting thought or an experience in my day, “Art Imitates life”. 

Besides acting, Isaiah also writes, (he’s just finishing his first book), he’s doing a podcast, and works on developing other new creative ideas.