“Mompreneur” Achieves Millions in Revenue


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Shondricka Carter is a Serial Mompreneur, Author, and Founder of the First 24-hour Wealth Development Firm and Institute in New Orleans

ENSPIRE Contributor: Shayne Watson

With over nine years of financial services experience and a successful wealth development firm, Shondricka Carter recently achieved a million in revenue through her business efforts.

Carter is now the CEO of Carter Capital, which is the first 24-hour wealth development firm and Insitute in New Orleans, Potent Pleasures, Carter & Associates, Body Chaserz, K Beauty Collection, and Co-Founder of Boss Box/Best of Both Worlds.

Carter took the time to answer our questions regarding her business and mentorship program:

How were you able to create such a successful business and reach one million in revenue?

I read somewhere that if you want to go fast….. go alone. If you want to go far…. go together. I knew where I wanted to take my companies and it could only be done with a team. I began to imagine what my dream team would look like and how it would flow. I invested in a team and systems to drastically change the scope of my business. My team and I were able to 10X my vision in a shorter span than I would’ve being a solopreneur. 

What made you want to start a mentorship program to help others with their wealth-building strategies? 

Actually, my mentees developed the program for me, as they were waiting for me to launch. I was already doing the work, I just wasn’t charging for it. The lesson in that was; if you’re an entrepreneur, your workload should align with your passion. I’m passionate about creating successful and sustainable brands. I saw that I was capable of producing brands and helping them launch further to gross six figures in less than one quarter. 

What is the best advice you would give someone who is struggling with their finances?

Create a plan, build a budget and stay disciplined. Text “budget” to 855-446-5050 to receive a step-by-step budgeting worksheet. This will help you not only create the plan but also structure your finances to build wealth.

What do your courses teach clients? 

Our courses teach clients foundational fundamentals of business, finances, taxes & credit. We are currently working on an accelerated version for mid-to-large size corporations. Our current courses are essentially great for start-ups and small businesses. 

What has been the hardest part about being a mom and running a successful business? 

Honestly, the hardest part has been doing both simultaneously. As most entrepreneurs say, your business is your baby, however family is a non-negotiable for me. I will always choose family over business. My greatest strength is growth, but let me explain what I mean by that; I was a teen mom so I had to grow rather quickly because it was now my responsibility to help someone else grow. Then I became an entrepreneur and had to grow my business from idea to fruition. The hardest part initially was figuring life out financially with a baby depending on me and sticking to my boundaries without the guilt of feeling like I’m slacking in parenting or in business. As parents, we always want to be there every step of the way, and needless to say in business, if you can’t get away from your business it’ll never grow. The hardest part of it all was finding boundaries and balance but my patience has finally paid off. 

What makes Carter Capital stand out from the other wealth development firms? 

Carter Capital is a 24-hour wealth development firm and institute. I assist individuals/business owners with leveraging their finances on their wealth journey. I haven’t seen another wealth development firm like ours. Our success rate and small business clients’ return on investment makes us unique. To connect with us visit CarterCapitalPLLC.com or follow @CarterCapitalPLLC on Instagram.

What is in store for your Millionaire Makers Tour? 

Well we just came home from our 1st international wealth development summit which was amazing by the way. Entrepreneurs are already implementing most of the information they received into their businesses. We have 3 more stops to make North Carolina, Ohio & my hometown New Orleans, LA. We will host brunch and panel discussions in all cities centered around entrepreneurship pros and cons, additional revenue streams and strategies for success. 

Carter’s tour will be starting in the fall and will be available in various cities in the U.S. Through this tour, her goal is to teach entrepreneurs wealth-building strategies that will help them thrive through the recession.

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