Introducing Irene Eclavea of Elevate DragonFly


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Elevate DragonFly Owner Irene Eclavea Sees the World as Her Business

ENSPIRE Contributor: Marianna Poletti Reyes

Irene Eclavea was born and raised in La Verne, Calif. A big part of her life, from a young age, included the performing arts. She participated in musical performances, was part of a dance group, and took part in theater productions. Despite the challenges Eclavea faced, she continued to push forward and is hoping to spread her love for entertainment while helping people make it in the industry. Because of her previous experiences and love for the industry, she was able to gather all her skills and knowledge to create Elevate DragonFly in less than 90 days alongside her business partner Mahonale Waters.

With a mission to elevate all of God’s people at the same time, Elevate Dragonfly is a network consulting firm that works to make the impossible plausible. The name Elevate DragonFly was inspired by Eclavea’s birth year, the Year of the Dragon. Her goal is to build strong, ever-lasting connections and partnerships for people to network together. 

Elevate DragonFly provides services in tailor-designed PR and marketing, talent elevation, event planning, concierge and BNB services, electronic press kits, sponsorships, and “Elevate” doing me classes. Eclavea also holds conferences on women empowerment. Although they do not manage clients, they provide opportunities through all facets of the entertainment industry through events and sponsorships. They work to consult and elevate their client’s projects through promotions and marketing at live celebrity events. Elevate DragonFly works to not just make people’s dreams come true but to showcase the talents and gifts that they were given.

Eclavea boasts of the women behind the scenes, her business partner, friend & confidant, Qiana Williams. Her mentor, Jet Sison, President of Capital Holdings, and her circle of powerful women prayer warriors, Krystal Jacobs, Chavon Bell, Sarina Murphy, and Lora Nagy. Eclavea is a force to be reckoned with and is a testimony of the hard work it takes to pursue one’s goals and dreams.

For more information on Eclavea or Elevate DragonFly, you can find their website here.