Ditch Fear & Get Clear: Juli Wenger is Here to Help You Find Your Purpose


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) The Internationally Credentialed Purpose & Identity Coach Has Released Her New Book “Fired Up, Fulfilled, & Free”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Cindy Rodriguez-Llivipuma

Coach, speaker, and Enneagram expert Juli Wenger recently released her new book “Fired Up, Fulfilled, & Free” on July 20th, 2022. The author has taken her expertise and experience to the next level with this release, hoping to help readers live out their purpose and to do so fearlessly! 

The book is the author’s first step in sharing her purpose-finding and clarifying process with the world. In a world where we ‌conform to societal standards instead of choosing our own paths for fear of judgment and failure, coach Juli Wenger is here to help us get clear on what our purpose in life is, through Christ, in order to reach ultimate freedom and fulfillment.

To learn more about Coach Juli Wenger’s coaching process and personal journey, we asked her some of our most burning questions!

How/When did you find your true purpose? What made you decide to help others do the same?

I spent my entire life, ‌until about 3 years ago, success-chasing. I was trying to prove that I was enough, valuable, worthy and I looked for the standards that society, peers, and my sphere defined for me about who that meant I needed to be and how I needed to show up in life. How much money did they say I needed to make? What ‌targets should I reach for in my business? What kind of business or work should I even be in and what kind of mom and wife should I be? How did I need to balance or segment my life as a Christian from my life in the entrepreneur world? It was exhausting.

I gave so much of myself to trying to measure up, attempting to manage how people saw me, and to proving that I was valuable and needed, that I completely burnt out. I had the success I was “supposed to” be after – the half-million-dollar-per-year business, the team, the family, the nice house in a nice neighborhood – and everything about my life looked great from the outside. But I realized two things: I didn’t want the success I had created because it didn’t fill me up. And I had lost who I was ‌trying to become who I thought everyone else needed me to be.

It led me into a season of God-led, self-discovery. Of searching for who I was outside of the image that I had built and the roles that I used to validate my worth. Outside the “boxes” that represented all those roles and titles. I realized that who we are is not found in those boxes, but as something more broad and essential. I’m not “Real Estate Boss” or “Mom” or “Entrepreneur” or “Wife” or even “Author” or “Coach”. I am love, joy, strength, light, and grace. When all the roles and titles are stripped away, that’s what remains.  

And with this clarity, my purpose became more and more clear. I saw ‌I was here to empower other people to find their fire, trust themselves, and live the purpose that they are custom built and put here for, and to do it with confidence and authenticity. I was here to empower people to walk out the call that is on their life, spark clarity, create momentum, and do all of it as a co-creation with God. And I couldn’t do that fully from where I had put myself – instead it required me to show up in a new capacity, a new business, and in my own confident authenticity.

How has being an Enneagram expert helped you on your purpose-clarifying journey?

I discovered the Enneagram early in my season of self-discovery. It was what I call a spiritual 2×4 to the head – everywhere I looked; the Enneagram seemed to show up. So I said, “Ok God, I hear you!” and I dove feet first into learning about it. Never in my life had I come across something that so accurately described me, my tendencies, my patterns, and what drives me. It was humbling, sometimes ugly, and the most incredible accelerator of my personal growth.

The Enneagram gave me context on what I need most in life (to be loveable) and what I work to avoid (rejection). It showed me the ways I subconsciously work to keep myself safe and get those needs met (e.g. people-pleasing and over-achieving), and how those self-protective patterns often create the exact outcome I was trying to avoid. It helped me understand what to watch for emotionally and behaviourally that tells me I’m getting into an unhealthy mental, emotional, or spiritual state and it also helped me to understand what works to pull me back to neutral. Discovering it was as if I had been handed a roadmap back to myself. 

What I’ve seen, after working with client after client to get their own answers to the “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” questions, is that the enneagram provides context and a lot of room to develop compassion and understanding both of ourselves and the people around us. Also though, the needs and drivers of each type, and the superpowers as I like to call them, those different types are equipped with, always align with the purpose that we are created for. It provides us with a permission slip for authenticity, and when we come back to ourselves, our purpose finds us. 

The enneagram doesn’t define your purpose for us, and it doesn’t put us in a box like many other personality systems. It gives us the space to explore who we are, and when we have clarity on who we are, we can ‌discover what we’ve been put here for.

How will your book help readers find their true purpose?

Purpose-discovery is a process, and it’s one that I’ve been living, breathing, coaching others through, and refining for the last 3 years. In the book, we walk through the journey I went on, dealing with questions like “Am I enough?” and “Am I too much?” We explore how we get in our own way and how to go to battle with our ego, we define identity at an essential level and actively let go of the “shoulds” and “supposed to’s” we have adopted as our own. We ditch fear and take our power back from comparison and we move from living someone else’s story for our lives into living our purpose. 

It’s work, it requires curiosity and a commitment to walk through the fear and the resistance, and it’s often uncomfortable. But on the other side of this work is that “something” we all know deep within is possible. There is this elusive “something else” that I hear people talk about consistently, wondering if they’re just making it up. They wonder if they’re dreaming too big, or if a purpose-filled fired-up life is even possible. This book is here to tell them it is and give them a roadmap to get there.

Can non-Christians utilize/benefit from the coaching and guidance offered in your book? 

When I set out to write a book, I thought it would be “secular” because I saw over and over how the process works regardless of where we sit in our faith journey. I couldn’t, however, separate my faith from my journey and remain authentically me. Walking the talk of this book means being all of me – and that is a permission slip for others to do the same. Defining identity and purpose is a deeper and more meaningful experience when we walk it out with God.

I’ve seen how He shows up in my work with people who share faith with me and I’ve also seen it completely transform the lives of people who don’t share faith with me. We all deal with fear, we all ask questions about our value and worthiness, we all struggle ‌with imposter syndrome and comparison, and we are all put here on purpose, with purpose, and for a purpose. If you’re ready to step through fear and live Fired-up, Fulfilled, and Free, there is something here for you that can change everything.

Can you give us some details about your new book? 

This book is a gentle punch in the face. A wake-up call, and a hug. An opportunity to step out of your patterns and stop playing small. Because the world is waiting for you to show up. We need you as your authentic and confident self, doing what you are here for.

And now you know, if you’re both Christian and ready to ditch fear and get clear on your life’s true purpose, coach Juli Wenger is here to help! Order coach Juli Wenger’s new book, “Fired-up, Fulfilled, and Free” through Amazon, and follow her on Instagram @juliwenger, @becomingourselvespodcasts and Facebook @julimwenger, @firedupfulfilledfree, @becomingoutslevespodcast, and her official website for more brilliant and clarifying tips.

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