NOoSphere Arts: WE ARE NATURE 2022


( ENSPIRE Events ) A Rooftop Exhibition Celebrating Nature

ENSPIRE Contributor: Brandon Wood

Nature is a constantly present part of everyone’s lives, yet it is not always heeded. The group NOoSPHERE Arts is aiming to remind everyone of the wonders that can be found in nature via their current show, WE ARE NATURE 2022: Patterns of Connection. The show itself will be held at both the NOoSPHERE Arts Stage Roof in New York City and Kingsland Wildflowers in Broadway Stages, Brooklyn, NY. The first of the shows in its current set has passed already, but prospective viewers can still attend on its two remaining days, August 27 and September 24 of 2022. Regardless of which location you decide to visit, the show will be a combination of performance, art installation, and film created by indigenous Sàmi artist Gjert Rognila on August 27. On September 24, meanwhile, it will comprise a site-specific dance by CreateART, with collaborative accompaniment by Katy Gunn, a singing violinist. 

This set of shows is part of NOoSPHERE Arts’s third iteration of its rooftop art show series. The group was originally founded in 2011 by the painter Sol Kjok, and is currently run by four creative workers whose collective knowledge spans both art and science. NOoSPHERE’s name is regarding the sphere of thought joining humankind of the same name, a testament to their message of unity and harmony.

The events of WE ARE NATURE 2022 are rooftop exhibitions. It takes place on greenery that has been carefully established on the roof of an ExxonMobil industrial plant. The union of nature and modernity serves as an accompaniment to the main show, which is overall meant to remind the audience of the beauty that can be found in harmony with the natural world and address humanity’s place within it. The audience, NOoSPHERE Arts hopes, will walk away from any ‌event knowing that there is hope for the world through currently existing environmental solutions enacted through collective action.

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