Minti Saves The Planet, One Smile at a Time


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Dentist Creates Oral Care Company Minti to Provide Consumers with Sustainable Personal Hygiene Options

ENSPIRE Contributor: Claya Davis

While this year’s National Fresh Breath Day (Aug. 6) has come and gone, it is never too late to look after your oral health. Dr. Onaedo Achebe’s revolutionary line of environmentally friendly dental products, Minti, offers us exactly what we need to properly celebrate the belated occasion.

While Achebe uses her brand to provide her consumers with everyday products that address a wide range of oral needs, like toothpaste tablets, toothbrushes, and dental floss, she also uses sustainable ingredients and materials that are both recyclable and compostable in order to ensure that her customers do not need to make the difficult choice between supporting environmental sustainability and their personal hygiene goals. In fact, her brand also follows strict manufacturing guidelines in order to keep the company’s environmental impact low. 

After earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery and Dentistry at New York University in 2018 and completing specialized training within her field, Onaeda expanded her career aspirations to include entrepreneurship in the form of her own oral care brand, Minti.

As a woman and minority-owned small brand, Minti is breaking barriers in the world of sustainable dental care and society at large. 

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