‘Seton Girls’ Is the Perfect Back-to-School Book


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Charlene Thomas’ New YA Novel Seton Girls Arrives Just in Time for Fall

ENSPIRE Contributor: Claya Davis

Charlene Thomas’ debut novel, Seton Girls hit shelves last Tuesday (Aug. 30) and is the perfect novel for fans of quintessential contemporary YA literature, like Dear White People and Friday Night Lights. While this drama-packed novel is certainly a page-turner, Thomas’ uses her splash into the YA genre to deal with relevant social issues, like racism, sexism, and classism, and examines how individuals–especially white men–are held accountable.

Plot Summary:

Seton Hall prep school’s football team is on a mission to preserve their 13-season winning streak, a record that they insist would not have been achievable without Seton’s girls. While what exactly the Seton girls do to enable the team’s victories is a mystery, everyone insists they are simply “the best.” While the football team’s quarterback wants to preserve the streak as much as his team members, he is also seeking a state championship in order to make a name for himself before his successor, Seton’s first Black QB, takes over. The allure of glory and reward yields equally big risks when the secret to the team’s success is leaked to a small group of girls, giving them the power to change their world forever. 

Charlene Thomas, author of Seton Girls

Seton Girls has already received shout-outs and positive reviews from several notable sources, including Confessions of a YA Reader, She Reads, and Teen Librarian Toolbox. Charlene Thomas also wrote a featured piece for the Washington Independent Review of Books about her debut title. 

In a STARRED Review, Publisher’s Weekly describes the novel as a “Poignant conversations examining the lack of accountability for wealthy, well-protected men in power permeate this thought-provoking story.”

Seton Girls Publisher’s Weekly Review

Visit Charlene Thomas’ website to read her blog and learn more about Seton Girls. Order your copy of the novel today from Barnes and Nobel, Amazon, or Penguin Random House.

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