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Kianna is changing the way people do business. Her law firm Chennault Legal and Consulting Group provides elite services for all kinds of entrepreneurs ready to start a business. 

Kianna is the managing partner of her law firm CLCG. It’s a full-service law firm that offers litigation and transactional services. They specialize in business litigation and civil rights, located in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Kianna Chennault

Before running CLCG, she was a former Fulton County Prosecutor who prosecuted criminal cases involving domestic violence, kidnapping, and armed robbery. She believes there are criminals within the government system and the workplace. With this mindset, it shows that anyone from anywhere can do the unthinkable, her law firm is a special place to seek out justice from all angles. 

What do you envision the future to be in terms of the legal system taking cases regarding kidnapping, domestic violence, etc? How can we change the way these cases are treated?

This is a super loaded question. Kidnapping, domestic violence, and other violent crimes do not usually happen in a vacuum, but are typically products of environment, social economic status, education, and access to resources. Therefore, it is difficult to handle these cases solely within the legal system, which is often what our system tries to do.

Prevention of violent crimes looks like making education, employment, and health opportunities all more equitable. Once violent crimes hit the legal system, many times it is too late. However, the legal system can change how these cases are handled first by making sure prosecutors are not overcharging. Overcharging occurs when prosecutors charge defendants with crimes that have a low likelihood of being proven at trial.

Although these charges would be hard to prove as a charge, it does apply pressure to defendants to take a plea. Additionally, I am a proponent of blind prosecuting, which is a process by which prosecutors draft a charging document without seeing the race, neighborhood, and/or prior record of an alleged criminal defendant.

What are the 5 things you should do if being discriminated against in the workplace?

  1. Someone who feels they are being discriminated against should first contact their manager as well as Human Resources.
  2. He/she should be explicit about his/her concerns, using keywords such as discrimination, harassment, and identity to which special class(es) he or she belongs.
  3. Next, the person should (lawfully) try to obtain proof that substantiates his/her claims. This proof could look like emails, screenshots, etc.
  4. It is also important to gather witnesses and comparators, which are similarly situated employees outside the protected class being treated differently.
  5. Lastly, the person should consider filing a charge with their local EEOC office. Contacting an EEOC office is imperative because there are statutory deadlines for filing a charge depending on when the discriminatory action occurred. Filing an EEOC charge and receiving a right to sue letter are also both precursors to filing an employment discrimination lawsuit. 
Kianna Chennault

When opening up her law practices, Kianna helps clients obtain investments and funding through legal business regulations. She has assisted black-owned businesses through formation, contract, negotiation, and legal representation. 

Another example of assistance is the rise of beauty spas and clinics. Many businesses that offer cosmetic tattooing, body sculpting, and filler services are being created by nurses who want to use their skills in another direction. Transitioning from healthcare to beauty and cosmetics is a huge step. Kianna advocates for these new business owners and provides the tools to establish these businesses. 

Other than the businesses regarding spa practices, what other black-owned or other businesses do you represent and guide?

My firm also represents tech companies such as those developing apps and other forms of technology. We represent nonprofits that are focused on social impact. We have several clients who are Christian and/or mom entrepreneurs. Several of our clients like to take advantage of our legal membership program, which gives them access to monthly legal project-based services.

Chennault Legal and Consulting Group provides clients with legal, affordable, self-guided courses, digital products, and mentoring to educate them at any stage of their business.

What can we learn when taking legal self-guided courses, digital products, and mentoring mentorships? Can you provide some examples?

Self-guided courses are a great way to empower yourself with knowledge and personal development, and, these courses may make it less likely that you will need to hire an attorney, which is going to be more costly than a course.

Nowadays, there are courses, e-books, and memberships for virtually anything. I offer two business law courses, as well as an e-book about legal business formation. I also offer a legal membership service to entrepreneurs who want regular access to an attorney at a reasonable rate.

Kianna Chennault

Although Chennault may not prosecute criminal cases, she is providing assistance and future opportunities for those who want to start a business. With the help of her experience and mentorship, anyone can grow and pursue their passions and interests, with an ideal legal consultant by their side. If you are a Georgia resident and need more information on what C.L.C.G does and how to contact them, please go view their site.

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