The Unveiling Ceremony of The Obamas’ Portraits


( ENSPIRE News ) Former President Obama and First Lady Return to the White House

ENSPIRE Contributor: Chante` Wiltz

Wednesday (September 7th) the White House was graced by two of the most charismatic individuals adored by the majority of the general public. Former President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama returned to their forever home away from home for the Unveiling Ceremony of their official portraits.

Since 1965, The White House Historical Association has collected the contemporary and historical portraits of the Former Presidents and First Ladies to place them in the gallery they have created in the White House. The goal of the collection was “either to represent those not in the collection or to replace earlier likeness judged less than successful”. As the tradition went on, the process began to change and adapt to the current times which led to each President and First Lady commissioning their own artist selection.

Mr. Obama commissioned artist Robert McCurdy, who is known for his labor-intensive portraits and astonishing ability to capture every detail. The portrait depicts the former President standing against a white background displayed with an emotionless expression while wearing the classic black suit and white dress shirt combination. Meanwhile, Mrs. Obama’s commissioned artist, Sharon Sprung, expresses the vision in a much softer, elegant way. Sprung’s portrait depicts the former First Lady sitting gracefully upon a reddish-maroon sofa while wearing a baby blue dress. Although not as monotone as her husband’s, her expression remains hidden. 

Check out the full Portrait Unveiling Ceremony Livestream on the CBS News YouTube Channel below. 

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