HBCU Homecoming: Get Down at These Black-Owned Airbnbs


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Airbnb Gathers Black-Owned Listings for HBCU Homecomings

ENSPIRE Contributor: Clarisa Crump

Homecoming is a major celebration for every school in the state. Every student should get to have the experience of the games, events, and overall atmosphere of homecoming. However, distance, lodging, and money issues, can make staying in town difficult. Several HBCUs have had their homecomings this month, and these issues are still present. Because of this, many Black-owned Airbnbs are available to those who’d like to experience the celebration of homecoming. 

Listings are statewide in many HBCU communities. Also, as mentioned before, the listings are all Black-owned. Offering familiarity and a sense of community among clients. Currently, there are listings in Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and many more added to the list. Also, the homes offer plenty of space to accommodate everyone’s needs and specific tastes. 

Haven on The Hill

The homes are in peak condition for welcoming new guests. A majority of the homeowners have positive reviews, and are deemed “Superhosts”. The title of “Superhost” is given to tenured hosts who go above and beyond for Airbnb, the homes are priced anywhere from $90-$200 a night, but slots will fill quickly with the exposure that homecoming receives.

Visit the Airbnb website if you are searching for a place to stay. It’s a perfect opportunity to support black homeowners, and support HBCUs.

Downtown BHAM


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