The Slutty Vegan Restaurant Opens in Harlem, NY


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) The Pinky Cole Foundation Helps Future Black Entrepreneurs

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Vegan foods have now taken the mainstream on many restaurant menus around the United States. The Slutty Vegan is one of these amazing restaurant franchises that has graced the streets of Harlem, New York. With their grand opening on March 8, CEO and Founder Pinky Cole has brought plant-based burgers to the New York public. She has several locations in Atlanta and one in Brooklyn, New York. Now Harlem gets the opportunity to try the juicy “burgers”. The Slutty Vegan brings vegan options and promotes food awareness.

Cole began The Slutty Vegan burger creations in her two-bedroom apartment in July 2018, using Instagram as an ordering tool. She soon became a success filling orders around the city of Atlanta and began serving them from a mobile food truck. In October 2018 her first restaurant location opened in Atlanta, GA. The Harlem grand opening had a DJ, hyped customers, and different kinds of merch such as mugs, t-shirts, slutty vegan spices, and more. Many communities have people with high numbers of hypertension, cholesterol, and obesity. Cole proves you can still have the fun of a burger and fries without the extra calories and hassle.

( Left to Right ) The Slutty Vegan Harlem Location, Pinky Cole

In addition, Pinky Cole is giving back to the community with The Pinky Cole Foundation. This foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization based in Atlanta, GA. A place that focuses on empowering generations of color to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and finances. According to Cole’s thinking Black economic progress can be achieved through opportunities, taking risks, and innovation. The Pinky Cole Foundation offers educational programs, networking events, and leadership to empower teens, college students, and young adults. 

The Pinky Cole Foundation

To find the nearest location go to The Slutty Vegan Instagram. If you live in New York, try the Harlem location and take a bite of the juicy vegan options that will surely make you see plant-based differently. Follow Pinky Cole for more updates on her Pinky Cole Foundation and Slutty Vegan locations. Interested in some merch and take-at-home spices? Go to their Slutty Vegan @Home page. The Slutty Vegan does catering and delivery through the app, and has mobile food truck announcements!

Watch our Instagram reel to see our trip to the Slutty Vegan grand opening in Harlem, NY.

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