Dr. Robin B Educates Through Fitness, Health and Wellness, Beauty, and Community


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) LA Influencer and Black Pharmacist Becomes First to Launch a Fitness App 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Katie Doherty 

Dr. Robin Barrett, fondly known as Dr. Robin B, is a woman of many talents. She is a pharmacist, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, podcast host, and social media influencer who has influenced many in the health and beauty industry and beyond. She promotes holistic health with her weekly podcast, The Dose Show, where she and her influential guests provide information on self-help, health, and wellness, and growing mentally and physically to be the best version of yourself.

She also explores health and wellness in other ways such as creating her own gender-neutral skincare brand called Muze Labs. It’s inspired by art and science to give everyone the best glow they can have. She also is heavily involved in fitness and has partnered with top fitness companies like 1st Phorm and Buffbunny. Her passion for fashion allows her to partner and work with renowned brands like Pretty Little Thing.  

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Besides this, she also finds the time to be a philanthropic community leader. She has created multiple service initiatives in the underserved community in Los Angeles where she sponsors events at the Alexandria House, a transitional home for women and children. This home allows women and children to have a safe and peaceful process from moving from emergency shelters to one of economic stability and permanent housing. 

For Dr. B, her inspiration for working in different fields often comes from “studying the greats and getting inspired by the top creators and professionals in those industries.” When she studies these people and their impact in their industries, she takes that inspiration and she will “apply it to [my] own story and path.” Although this is helpful for her, Dr. B says her motivation is much simpler than that. “It comes by being at least 1% better than I was yesterday.” Her hope is that people will visit her page when they’re looking for all things health and wellness: “I want to align with brands and products that fit that description.”

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Her app was created in order “to help busy professionals transform their mind, body, and spirit through effective workouts and optimized nutrition plans.” Her work as a pharmacist has taught her to have a “holistic approach to health from the inside out” and as a result, her easy-to-follow online workouts will get you to your fitness goal.

The app provides a variety of services: different programs, targeted workouts, recipes, discounts on athletic gear, nutrition guides, and personally curated music playlists created by Dr. B. There’s a lot to look forward to and you can expect “new workouts each week, more recipes, and definitely more transformation programs in the future.”

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For Dr. B, her inspiration when it comes to the making of the app stems from her years as a former athlete. “Staying active has always been a part of my life. In all the sports I’ve played, conditioning of the body was very important and emphasized in order for peak performance. Relying on my muscle memory or athletic physique was a mistake as I got older. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit and we were forced to stay inactive that I noticed changes in my body from not working out. I knew something had to change so I began to focus strictly on good dieting and cardio daily during the pandemic and fell in love with it. The rest was history!”

Her motivation to continue doing work in various industries comes internally. “I’m inspired by being a better version of myself each day. I believe we are motivated by others, but ultimately success comes from within. Why? Because we define it. Since we are the ones that determine when we are successful, we make it all happen. Nothing I’ve ever done came easy, but I’ve never expected it to. I really am a strong believer in discipline and hard work so it’s been amazing seeing what comes out of that.”

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For Dr. B, she has been proud of all of her different ventures, but she’s been most proud of herself. “I see myself as a brand and I am ever-evolving and growing in my space. The pivotal point in my life was when I graduated and got my doctorate of pharmacy degree. That was a very proud moment for me!”

The future holds a lot of promise for Dr. B. “I’m excited to learn more about myself, my skill set, and my audience in order to scale all my businesses to impact more lives. I’m excited about expansion, growth, and development. Lastly, I’m extremely excited to grow my community of strong females who want to transform their minds, bodies, and spirit!”

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Keep a lookout for the new events and projects Dr. B is going to be a part of! There’s more to look forward to beyond her new fitness app. She’s also launching a new e-course academy in January and is running a toy drive after a recent fire at the Alexandria House destroyed many belongings. Besides this, she’s a panelist for Shopify’s Women’s Empowerment in LA coming in February.

Dr. Robin B is a multi-talented individual who’s using all of her platforms to inspire and educate others. Her dedication to providing accessible and affordable ways to explore health and wellness shines through her different ventures. Not only is she committed to creating new accessible ways to help your mind, body, and spirit in holistic approaches, but also in fun new ways as well!

Courtesy of Travis Covington

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