PROCON Hosts Authentic Networking Event


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Keisha Brewer Hosts Large-Scale Event For PR And Communications Specialists

ENSPIRE Contributor: Brandon Wood

Networking is a modern-day necessity. This is an accepted fact throughout every industry in the present day, from accounting to journalism. Yet many still underestimate the importance of public relations positions, which is regrettable given that the role of such positions has been gradually expanding over time. Knowing that her favored field was difficult to grow in due to how quickly those in public relations roles are forced to adapt and how little help they receive with doing so in most circumstances, Keisha Brewer founded the organization PROCON to act as a solution to all of those issues.

At the core of every successful brand or organization lies a well-oiled PR (public relations) department. However, these departments are heavily reliant upon rapidly adapting to new industry knowledge, which can be a very difficult task. Brewer, understanding both facts, founded PROCON to serve as a networking space for PR and communication professionals alike. Unlike with many other fields, the community is far more potent than the competition in these fields, marking PROCON as an organization of great importance and value in helping everyone in the field be knowledgeable and effective.

To better understand PROCON, ENSPIRE Magazine reached out for an interview with Keisha Brewer.

What initially prompted you to start PROCON?

After years of searching for events that would allow me to sharpen my skills as a Public Relations (PR) and communications professional, I got tired of looking and created what I couldn’t find. There were plenty of events for media professionals, which can include PR and comms but don’t focus on PR and comms. Thanks to communities like PROCON’s sponsor, Respect The Publicist, there is an increase in collaboration in Public Relations and Communications. Now, it’s time for us to gather at least once per year to discuss challenges, industry trends, best practices, and more in a truly authentic space.

How has the prominence and importance of PR professionals become more important over time?

The role of Public Relations and Communications professionals has always been crucial to the growth of any brand or organization. In this profession, we are the heartbeat of the brand’s growth and development – from community engagement to employee retention.

However, with the growth of social media and many businesses having (or wanting) a large digital footprint, it is important now more than ever that brands and businesses understand how to reach, connect with, keep, impact, and grow their audiences – this is what we know best as PR and comms professionals.

A big part of PROCON is about the strength of the community. How do you feel it triumphs over the competition?

Competition has the power to motivate people, but the community has the power to elevate

people. Many people (from all industries) are driven by competition, but the community is where I have seen industries flourish the most. We are very used to a “divide and conquer” culture, but I think it is more than time for us to “align and elevate” instead.

What could an aspiring attendee expect from PROCON?

Authentic discussion, tangible career support, and a GREAT time! Our team at The PR Alliance is not skipping any details with PROCON. From the event aesthetics and delicious food to the value and resources are given, you have never attended an event that’s going to bring this level of excitement to your career! So if you’re in Public Relations or any form of communications (social media, marketing, media, etc.), you want to be here!

Do you have any closing advice you would like to give our audience?

If you know a Public Relations or Communications professional: #1- They’re strong friends, so check on them (ha-ha), but #2- Share this event with them. They need inspiration and collaboration at least once per year and PROCON is here to provide it!

PROCON’s 2022 event, launching on October 29, is sponsored by the organizations The PR Alliance and Respect The Publicist. The event itself will feature workshops, networking, and panel sessions with publicists and journalists, alongside food, drinks, headshot sessions, and vendors being present. With these aspects and more, PROCON serves to inspire the world by bringing order and support to a fast-paced and universally important role.

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