Eboni Roberts Went From Hobby to Entrepreneur with Kicky Mats


( ENSPIRE Business ) Beyonce and Oprah Approved Lifestyle Brand

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Eboni Roberts is a Houston native who created a lifestyle brand with Kicky Mats. Her mats are a home essential product that adds an exclusive touch to your home. Roberts promotes her work via social media and word of mouth. She has received positive feedback and support from her community. Let’s dive into Roberts’s journey and how she began Kicky Mats.

Kicky Mats was a hobby, and it soon became a full-time career in entrepreneurship. Social media is her outlet that up the scales for the brand. Her Instagram has reached over 135K and millions of views with Reels and shares. Now, Kicky Mats has a brick-and-mortar available in the Heights area. The studio brings Freedom and positive affirmation art throughout the space.


Eboni Roberts has mat painting parties that allow customers to express themselves by painting a custom doormat they desire, relate to, and use. With music in the background and fellowship with those around them, this event has been sold out, and it continues to grow. You’ve heard of pottery and painting group parties, well, now this lifestyle product has its own spotlight.

Kicky Mats has been featured on Beyonce.com and mentioned by the Oprah Winfrey Network on Social media. When two famous black female icons notice your product, you may want to somersault in the air. Eboni Roberts’s hobby now business has been taken by storm, with only more mats to look forward to in her collection. Please view her site here to schedule a mat painting party or buy one of her products.


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