Demia Avery is a Positive Podcast Hostess in “Watchu’ Doin’ Wilmington”


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

Demia Avery exudes positivity throughout her career. She used to be a radio coordinator, then a publicist, now she is a Podcast hostess. Demia Avery is the creator of two podcasts “Motivational Moments with Demia” where she interviewed entrepreneurs and entertainers such as Kron Moore, Tony Terry, and Terron Brooks. One of her most recent feats has been “Watchu’ Doin’ Wilmington”, a podcast that centers on the positive places, things, and people in Wilmington, North Carolina. It’s only been three years, and in a short amount of time, she got the attention of notable futures and businesses in Wilmington such as Jim Knowles, The Newkirks of Genesis Block, and Radio Personality Bigg B. 

Demia lived in many places; to Delaware, California, and Atlanta. She had this sense of not finding her inner peace. Wilmington offered that and she immediately felt this was her home. She created the “Watchu Doin’ Wilmington”  Podcast to really get to know her city. She interviewed all kinds of people, highlighting their stories and sharing their positivity with the community. Demia strongly believes community builds a home, she talked to mom-and-pop stores, community leaders, event centers, restaurants, and other kinds of businesses. 

Left to Right: Demia Avery, Ashley Futral Chapman, Stephanie Lanier, Sheri Nicole

What inspired you to create a podcast about Wilmington?

I absolutely adore Wilmington. Wilmington, NC has everything that I have ever wanted in a place to live. It has diversity… What I mean is, it has a little bit of country when I need space, it has the city when I need to feel lively, and it has the ocean, with some of the prettiest sunrises that I have ever seen in my life, that is my peace. Besides the exterior, I have met some great people here! It’s a small city with enormous potential.

With thirty years of entertainment experience, being a Podcast host isn’t the only thing keeping her busy. She is the co-founder of The Avery Agency a SAG franchised talent agency in Atlanta, Georgia. Demia is the author of motivational eBooks entitled “The Roadblock is You” and “Meditation For The Right Now”. 

You mentioned that you have been in the entertainment field for a long time, what tips do you have for someone just starting out in that industry?

 Have patience! Things take time. It takes time for you to master your craft so that you completely “own it”. It takes time to build an audience.

 Your audience not only has to find you interesting, but they also have to identify with you on some level. They also have to develop some sort of trust in you, meaning they need to know that each day, and week, you will keep them listening and enjoying the content you provide.

 Develop thick skin! You will have those that love you, like you, and those who don’t like you at all. And you better know, each one of these personalities will let you know how they feel. My advice is to concentrate on the ones that feed your positive energy. Don’t waste time trying to prove your worth to those who are not interested or who just want to be negative.

What were some of the biggest lessons and challenges you faced early in your career?

The BIGGEST lesson that I learned is to become secure about who I am. Accept my strengths and weaknesses. Accept my brilliant qualities and my flaws. I had to stop trying to be perfect. There is no such thing. Once I accepted that truth, I enjoyed being perfectly flawed.

When it comes to hosting podcasts she enjoys interviewing couples, and the dynamic of working together in different environments (home, business etc..) because it’s all about finding the balance. Demia recently got accepted into the Facebook Group “Women in PR Insider”. You can view both podcasts on iHeart, Google, and Spotify. For more updates about Demia Avery and her career view her Instagram and Facebook.

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