Reign Sanitary Napkins, a Black-Owned Company Helping Women’s Menstruation


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

There have been several products that have tried to help with menstruation and vaginal/reproductive health. We have recently discovered this new brand called Reign, which is known for its nontoxic sanitary napkins. This company focuses on creating pads that are infused with, Nobel prize-winning material, graphene into their products. Graphene has many health benefits, including preventing dysmenorrhea (painful abdominal cramps), fatigue, metabolism, aroma, bacteria, immune system, and more. We received insight from Demond Crump on his journey to create Reign.

 Reign Sanitary Napkins became a worldwide reliable product on June 1, 2019. During the pandemic, the Crump family created this product. It came to fruition when Demond Crump’s wife, Qiana, experienced reproductive issues that were severe and required a partial hysterectomy. The heavy bleeding after the procedure caused Demond to create a prototype sanitary pad that can exceed the absorbancy of all store brands. The cost of creating the prototype was six dollars and it took about a year to bring to market. With a leap of faith, he earned 11 million dollars in gross revenue by the end of this fiscal year. 

Reign Sanitary Napkins

How did the Crump family create the brand name and design for the product?

I saw a prototype of the now Reign Sanitary Napkins and immediately shared the details of the prototype with my wife. We agreed that graphene was about to change the world of natural feminine care products for women. After witnessing the power of graphene, Qiana got ahold of the basic prototype and fine-tuned it so that it met our consumers’ greatest needs (comfortability and breathability). Now here we are 3.5 years later with over 500,000 women indulging in the REIGN experience.

Consumers were amazed by the triple absorbency. How could this product have so much absorption, and kill bacteria and smells? The key was graphene. 

What about graphene makes it the ideal material for a pad and how does it help with reproductive health benefits?

Graphene is a 99.9% bacteria killer which helps with the odor women and young girls experience while on their monthly cycle. Graphene is a natural carbon-based material that goes with the anatomy of the human body design. To learn more about the benefits of graphene in REIGN products, we refer everyone to the testimonials on our website.

Reign Sanitary Napkins

 This black-owned business was an eye-opener for many men. Demond had an educated journey while creating this product. When it comes to reproductive health, it isn’t discussed with men, adult men grow up not fully understanding ‘the time of the month’ and give women the reputation of being ‘hysterical’ or ‘crazy’ during those menstrual weeks. Not only is the goal to provide women with a product that helps their vaginal health and menstruation, but it is also to encourage emotional support from male friends, fathers, and male relatives.

What did you learn about menstruation and reproductive help that led to the creation of this product?

 I learned about the silent suffering women and young girls encounter every month using chemicalized sanitary napkins, panty liners, and tampons. As a man, I had no idea what my wife and daughters were going through like most men. We are just ignorant about menstrual cycles and if I am honest we don’t put a lot of thought into it, which is wrong. Being the Man of my household, I should be aware of every challenge affecting my family in every area. Once I became educated, I apologized to my family for my ignorance and have been on the front line ever since pushing education and awareness of the devastating effect these products are having on our women and young girls. 

Reign Sanitary Napkin

What are the future plans for Reign and what other products can consumers look forward to in the future?

We have begun our international expansion. We will be ready to move into Nigeria, Mexico, and Canada in the first quarter of 2023. On the horizon, we are also eyeing Jamaica, Trinidad, and Barbados. REIGN has moved into the vitamin spray arena as well with six varieties. We recognized the challenge many consumers have with pills and capsules, so we offer an amazing solution with our REIGN vitamin sprays. We offer Vitamin D, and C plus zinc, men’s multi, women’s multi, kid’s multi, and keto (for sugar cravings).

Reign supports hundreds of thousands of women across the country all through their premium natural sanitary napkins, vitamin sprays, and more. Reign has created the future for menstruation products and reproductive health. The Crump family has given the opportunity for more efficient products for women around the world. You can learn more about their educational and awareness campaign at To follow more updates on Reign Sanitary Napkins, go to their Instagram or their website.

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