Beauty Entrepreneur Eva Jane Bunkley’s Products Empowering Busy Women


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Makeup Expert and Mother Expands her EVA JANE® Product Line

ENSPIRE Contributor: Cailin Tennis

Within the fast-paced, unexpected chaos of parenthood, many moms can’t spend much time on themselves. Busy beauty “mom-preneur” Eva Jane Bunkley knows this all too well and has created a line of beauty products to reduce styling times. She is a celebrity makeup artist, award-winning filmmaker, and entrepreneur with nearly thirty years in the beauty industry, leading her to found her company Eva Jane Beauty. With the company mission “Making Beauty Easier™”, she is taking strides in her career, as well as her family life.

She has earned two Emmy awards, made time to pen a book on her success, and invented the Makeup Bullet®: HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge, which is one of four patents and trademarks she owns. With all these achievements and more to come, Eva Jane is also proud to be a mother. Her busy schedule often leaves little time to spend with her family. She realized that the quicker you can get a job done, the quicker you can move on to your next task—but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for efficiency.

ENSPIRE Magazine is excited to highlight how people are giving back to their community with their expertise, which is exactly what Eva Jane Bunkley is doing.

How did your beauty journey begin?

Originally, I intended on going into fashion. I was a textile and clothing major at Ohio State. My senior year, I thought a makeup class in the theater department would be a fun elective that interested me so I took it by what can best be described, on a whim. I did not know it would be what I ended up doing all these years later! When I decided Atlanta would be a great city for me to begin my professional career, I found two makeup jobs even though I was actively looking for positions in clothing or wardrobe. I moved here in the fall of 1993 thinking that a makeup role would be a placeholder while I continued to break into the fashion industry. Turns out that the styling gigs I obtained ended up driving me closer to makeup. They were on sets that were casual or disorganized and they had me running around endlessly looking for wardrobe items. Meanwhile, in the makeup department, I felt like I had more control over the craft and it required less unnecessary work to make up for the shortcomings of lack of preparation in the production process! I was still in the production environment which gave me the excitement of life on set being different every day. If someone didn’t like an eye shadow color, that was a quick and easy fix to change it! If they didn’t like any of the shirt choices… that was a much more stressful situation!

How did becoming a mother influence your goals as an entrepreneur?

I consider my children my motivation for being an entrepreneur. The reason I started out in the product side of the industry by creating The Makeup Bullet® was to be an example to my children that there are no limits. Entrepreneurship is a desirable path, maybe even the best path, and if my kids don’t want to work for someone else. I wanted the idea that they can create their own company to be something that didn’t seem far-fetched to them. Both I and my husband are entrepreneurs so for my sons it’s native. They are my motivation when it comes to success in building my brand and building my company. They have often gone with me to shows, and they see me in the industry. They know when I’m traveling that I’m doing it for them and they don’t feel as though they’re missing out on anything because I’m their biggest advocate. They know I will show up for them and have shown up for them. I do what I do to show them that there are no limits. There are ebbs and flows, of course, and I’m very thankful that I have a partner in this (my husband) so that we can share parenting responsibilities. 

Your business’ mission is to “Make Beauty Easier.” Could you describe a time when beauty was especially difficult for you?

Being busy can make beauty difficult! I am always on the go, so anything that is going to give me more time in my day is a win. Sometimes I only give myself time to do my makeup right before I get out of the car! I have had two of those days just this week! Therefore, my line has products that serve me personally. Besides The Makeup Bullet® I have added products such as the EVA JANE Silicone Detail Angle Brush and Eye x Brow Definer Gels for eyes and eyebrows, My EVA JANE® 4 Piece Brush Set, and My EVA JANE® PrettiRoutine™ Organizer Mat. These products give women the tools to easily enhance their appearance when they aren’t in a stable, consistent area to prepare for the day. I want to empower women to step away from the makeup mirror and present their best authentic selves to the world no matter where they are. When they show up with their gifts, in their calling with their purpose, they can show up confidently. That is what I would hope that my product line, as well as any of my videos and tutorials, could give them. Women need not compare themselves against anyone else, but embrace who they are, learn to enhance that, and show up in their own power! That is what my line EVA JANE® represents. 

Which of your products in this product line is your favorite and why?

My first favorite is The Makeup Bullet® because it came straight from my heart and was such a personal battle to get it out into the world. I battled to have the confidence to create a product that did not exist in the market. My next favorite would be my EVA JANE® Silicone Detail Angle Brush because of the versatility of the tool on my eyes and eyebrows. It works perfectly with my EVA JANE® Eye x Brow gels to enhance my eyes quickly and cleanly. If my brows are filled in and my eyes are popping, I feel like I am done up enough for a “regular” day.

How do you balance motherhood and having a career, while ensuring the success of both?

I believe in seasons in both life and business. My biggest measure of success is raising human beings who are kind, compassionate, confident, have a personal relationship with God, and that I not only love but truly like, as well. I believe I lead by example in business showing them the way and letting them see mom has no limitations. Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs and as long I take it all in with tenacity, grace, and faith, I know it will be a success. I want my sons to eventually have their own wives and families that can support their dreams as their dad, my husband Terence, does for mine. I believe that as I thrive in business and take them along on my journey that is an invaluable life lesson for them and I will produce amazing citizens.

Eva Jane has become a role model for her family, as well as entrepreneurial women everywhere. Through embracing her identity as a mother and creator, she has introduced vibrant new products into the market and is helping people own their power. To learn more about her product line and her story, please visit her website. ENSPIRE looks forward to following Eva Jane as she continues to manifest success.

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