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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

Hanieh Sigari is the founder of Qyral, a skincare company that focuses on the science to help with aging and longevity. At age six, she immigrated to the United States and was part of a line of women who have defied gender norms and reached success. Her affiliation with the skincare world started at a young age. She befriended many elderly people in her apartment complex. Seeing them deteriorate and suffer from diseases was difficult to bear and she wanted to find a solution. Sigari became a biochemist and learned entrepreneurship which created Qyral. 

Qyral is a unique skincare brand because its goal is to create products for individual users. The science behind our skin cells is fascinating, and Sigari is taking a step into the future, a healthy step. The best dermatologists who analyze your skin to pair it with the correct formulas created her products. With just a ten-minute assessment on the Qyral website, you can have concrete solutions in a bottle or serum.

Qyral products

What are the main skincare goals that Qyral wants to achieve?

Our goal is to help people “Age Well With Confidence.” Whatever your skin complaints, however difficult they’ve managed, we believe that personalization is the answer to skincare regimens that work—and the science backs us up. 

Qyral pairs customers with board-certified dermatologists so every customer gets a professional assessment of their skin’s conditions and needs, and then our compounding pharmacy produces prescription-grade skincare creams and biocompatible customized serums and lotions. By taking a holistic approach, both to our customers’ skin and their skin care products, everything works together to produce the results people want to see. Using this revolutionary approach, we can address a wide range of skincare complaints, from acne and rosacea to psoriasis and premature aging.

What are three great Qyral skin care products you recommend for first-time users?

The entire Qyral regimen is only four steps long. It turns out, when you personalize your ingredients and ensure every product is biocompatible with all the others, you don’t need to use that many! Too often, I see people trying to fit huge, multi-step regimens into their day, and at least half the products they use are interacting with or neutralizing each other.

The Qyral regimen contains an Rx (prescription-grade) Personalized Overnight Serum, a Personalized BioPlacenta Serum, a Personalized BioPlacenta Moisturizer, and a Phytovie SPF 30 Primer. Some of our customers skip the primer if they already use regular sunscreen, but I think the cutting-edge Phytovie polymer adds some extra magic if you wear makeup, as it creates a flawlessly smooth finish. 

The science behind Qyral is what makes aging and longevity a main part of skincare which is cellular turnover. Can you explain what cellular turnover is and how Qyral is part of our skincare future?

Our skin is made of layers and layers of cells that are on a constant conveyor belt to the surface, where they eventually die and fall off. This process of cell shedding and renewal is called the cellular turnover cycle, and it plays a critical role in how our skin looks as we age. As babies, our cells renew incredibly quickly — about once every two weeks. But by the time we’re middle-aged, it could take three months or more for dead cells to shed.

Just think about all the things your skin comes into contact with over the course of three months. Pollutants in the air, soap, and skincare products applied and removed, the natural buildup of oil and sweat that accumulates, and all the germs and bacteria you pick up. After three months, those old cells can look pretty gross! And dead cells hanging around also make your skin drier and wrinkles appear more pronounced.

Speeding up the cycle of cell renewal is the secret to more youthful-looking skin. Every skincare product on the shelf designed to tackle aging does it the same way, by targeting cell shedding. But without personalizing those products, they can contain the wrong ingredients, or be the wrong concentration and pH to work effectively. We’re all unique, all our skincare needs are unique too, and one-size-fits-most can’t ever produce the most effective results. That’s why, before Qyral, the only really effective antiaging skincare products were only available from dermatologist offices. Now, thanks to our revolutionary technology, we can supply personalized products that target the cellular turnover cycle directly to consumers.

Qyral Products

In addition to skin longevity, she also wanted to help women become successful millionaires. Women in Iran bravely took off their hijabs fighting for the right to dress how they want in what they want, to have the same privileges as men. They are empowering themselves in a country that treats them as second-class citizens. Before the current rule, Iranian women had passions for education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. Qyral is empowering women because it allowed them to be part of a business that is female-dominated but makes it unique to everyone’s skin type.

What step-by-step process would you give someone who wants to go into the entrepreneur route and sell products they are passionate about?

I think if you want to be successful at anything; you have to stand on the shoulders of giants and accept help from other people. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel or do everything yourself if it isn’t the best possible use of your time. As an entrepreneur, I struggled with wanting to hold everything about my first business close. After all, it was my business, nobody else’s! But there were necessary tasks that I didn’t have the right skills for or the right knowledge. Doing them myself or trying to learn how it was slow and inefficient and produced worse results than if I’d hired an expert.

There’s so much to learn when you start out running a business that anything you can outsource, you should. That’s why we offer Qyral consultants all the support and training we can, so they don’t have to do it all for themselves. People who are experts at what they do have devised and created everything from our products to our promotional materials and our industry-leading training program.

Whether it’s a minor or major concern, the dermatologist can prescribe products to help with acne, aging, psoriasis, and rosacea. Qyral is evolving into a wellness company that will become longevity based. Sigari will appear on media bookings to talk about her experience as an Iranian American entrepreneur and discuss aging. 

Qyral Product

Any family members that have inspired you to take this skincare route, any stories of your female family members’ success?

Me! I came up with the idea for Qyral while looking for solutions to my own skincare problems. As a Jersey girl, I confess I spent far too much time on tanning beds in my youth. Now I’m seeing the effects of that, and I wanted to treat and nurture my skin and undo some of that harm. I watched so many late-night infomercials that promised crazy things like reversing aging overnight, but with my background in biochemistry, I knew they couldn’t deliver. Instead, I began exploring what truly effective skincare actually looked like, and realized that personalization was the key.

Hanieh Sigari is changing the future of skin care for everyone. Qyral is focused on a healthy science route rather than quick minor solutions that don’t let. It’s a formula for every individual who wants to have a long skincare journey. You may not be able to stop aging, but preparing your skin with products that are healthy and provide longevity will help you feel confident in the skin you’re in. To view more products and take the ten-minute assessment go to the Qyral website. For updates on new products go to Sigari’s Instagram and the Qyral Instagram.

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