Celebrate Black Brilliance with Twitch All Year


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) “Together for Black Brilliance” Highlights Black Streamers on Twitch

ENSPIRE Contributor: Daniel Garritson

For years, Black streamers on Twitch have created a positive, inclusive, uplifting space where people can be their authentic selves. Black streamers have used Twitch to share their passions and interests with others. Take Keke Palmer for example, who streamed herself playing “The Sims 4” to simulate childbirth to prepare for motherhood and connect with her fans on an intimate level.

In honor of Black History Month and continuing every month beyond, Twitch has honored Black streamers that have been integral in bringing the community together and creating inclusive spaces for everyone to enjoy. It’s easy to miss out on creators we didn’t know we loved and communities we didn’t know we needed. Twitch is putting a spotlight on Black streamers that have dedicated their channels to bringing all of us together, teaching us about inclusivity, and creating content for all of us to enjoy in their Together for Black Brilliance campaign.

Below is a selection of streamers that are featured on the Together for Black Brilliance shelf. Please see Twitch’s blog about the campaign here. Throughout Black history month, they hosted a series of events dedicated to amplifying the voices of their Black streamers. Though Black history month has ended, Together for Black Brilliance remains to celebrate Black excellence year-round.

Twitch Streamers 

  • MsAshRocks: Gamer – FPS, Story-Focused, and Horror games
  • UrbanBohemian: Gamer – RPG, Team Shooters, and Puzzle games
  • MDee14: Variety Streamer – Primarily plays games, but also has comedy and collaborative streams 
  • PixelleCreature: Gamer – Fantasy games and Visual Novels
  • PikaChulita: Community + DEI-focused Variety Streamer
  • BarefootTasha: Focused on Gaming, Anime, Photography, and Traveling
  • Khaykashi: Twitch Ambassador, EA Game Changer/ Creator Network

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