FabuRocks: the Youngest Female Streamer on the Internet


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) FabuRocks Is the Youngest Facebook Gaming Partner and content creator for Turtle Beach and Epic Games

ENSPIRE Contributor: Daniel Garritson

FabuRocks is one of the youngest female content creators on the internet. Her “Youngest” title stretches far and wide, from being the Youngest Girl Gamer on Twitch to the Youngest Variety Power of Young Hollywood Event Participant. Fabu is a wildly popular gaming content creator, with many of the same partnerships secured by her much older male counterparts.

Besides her content creation, Fabu is one of the over 6 million kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD. There are only two forms of therapy for ADHD: behavioral and medication. Fabu and her family have elected content creation as a form of daily therapy for her ADHD, putting her in a unique position to share not only her journey as a creator on the world’s most popular platforms but her experience as a neurodiverse teen dealing with ADHD.

We asked Fabu questions about her experiences streaming both as a young creator and one with ADHD.

Has being a content creator, and having been one from such a young age, impacted how you interact with other kids your age?

I have had no issues interacting with others my age and all my experiences have been good. I feel I am more social and talkative because of being a content creator. I also educate many my age about ADHD and how they can cope with their ADHD.

If you could pick one lesson you’ve learned in your experiences growing up with ADHD that you could tell other young people in a similar position, what would it be?

When I started school, I was below grade level because of my ADHD and learning disability. I would get easily distracted, and it was hard for me to focus and pay attention. I realized I needed to work harder than those around me. I started putting in the work and over time I improved. Me getting better and improving motivated me to keep working hard. My advice is to
not be afraid of hard work.

Perhaps less impactful than the other questions, do you have a favorite video game? Even if it isn’t one you’ve streamed/recorded yourself playing.

My favorite game is Resident Evil 7. This was the first horror game I played when I was young and got hooked on the horror genre.

What is your most proud accomplishment?

I have had so many proud moments, but my coolest accomplishment was getting to attend E3 as a 10-year-old. E3 is an 18-and-over gaming event where you get to see all the latest games that will be released that year. Thanks to my sponsor, Turtle Beach, I was able to attend with a special pass.

Where can our readers find you online?

You can find me on various platforms using the handles @faburocks and @itsmefabu.

With an ever-growing collection of titles and accolades, FabuRocks is poised to only become more popular. From unboxing to game streams to intimate podcasts interviewing her parents, her content has a wide variety. She has exhibited an amount of potential that promises great things for the future of her content.

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