Juanialys Releases New Single ‘Beaches’


( ENSPIRE Music ) New Music Video of ‘Beaches’ Has Released

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

Juanialys (Jew-One-E-Alice) is a New York City-bred singer and songwriter who is an upcoming artist in the making. She is on the fast track to becoming a vocal sensation who started viral on TikTok. You may recognize her performance on Showtime at the Apollo, where host Steve Harvey was wowed by her singing. She finally released her latest single “Beaches” accompanied by a music video.

Her fame began to spread when Yahoo Music called her a ‘Must Watch’. Instagram also crowned her as one of its ‘Rising Faces’. Juanialys is part of Gen Z and has Puerto Rican roots. Her thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok make the gospel-trained vocalist a sensation. She has modeled for Justin Bieber’s Simple Gospel clothing line. Juanialys has opened up for Keyshia Cole, Monifah, and Major. She aims to create a household name as the next prominent artist and go from TikTok straight to the Grammys. Juanialys touches upon her music career from Apollo to TikTok, her modeling career, and advice on creating her music artist platform.

Photo Credit: Juanialys

Describe your experience performing at the Apollo, what was going through your mind?

My experience at the Apollo theater was honestly one I can never forget. From the moment the casting agent reached out to the whole week experience they put together for us who were chosen for the episode, it was a lot of my dreams coming true in a short period. When they called my name onto that stage, not only was it 3 am (Life of production) but I was filled with many nerves and excitement to do what I love on such a legendary stage. All I can tell ya is seconds before I touched that stage I was praying my boots off, I knew that if I had God with me, there was nothing my vocal cords couldn’t do! So I prayed til I touched the stage, and I gave it all I got. I was just so grateful to experience the moment.

Do you feel that TikTok was a helpful outlet for your fashion and singing?

I feel like TikTok is a great platform to express my talents and love for fashion in different ways. TikTok really encourages rawness and has so many amazing edits, filters, and audio that really inspire content creators to go above and beyond in expressing their art/message.

You’ve modeled for Justin Bieber’s Simple Gospel clothing line. What other fashion brands and clothing lines have you modeled for?

I’ve modeled for Sketchers, Young stoner life, Snipes, Artistix, GodSpeed, and many upcoming brands.

What type of media content do you enjoy posting for Instagram and TikTok and has it benefited your career so far?

I like to post days in the life of an independent artist, cooking videos, studio vlogs, and workout videos.. and yes, it has benefited my career, finding new ways to promote my music has been an interesting but rewarding task seeing the new faces it brings to my page.

What are some goals for creating your household name?

Some goals I have are to not only make my mark through music but also tapping more into the modeling/fashion Industry and the acting field. I’ve done a bit of everything but I’m really looking forward to taking things to the next level. I want to be a positive influence in this world while doing all the things I love.

How would you describe your music genre?

I’d describe the music I make to be in the genre of FEELING. I really don’t like to put myself in a box. God gave me a voice and talents I recognize and so I resonate with Gospel-soul and Can go off to R&B, POP, and Latin, and will hop on an Afro beat if you let me! It honestly depends on what vibes I’m feeling, and if there are other creatives in the room as well that are helping the influence where the record takes its course. I’m very versatile and don’t hold back on trying things. Ya might hear me rap on a beat soon, who knows.

As a music artist, what do you feel makes you a standout and the next future Grammy winner?

I feel like what makes me stand out is simply being me. Could sound cliche but it’s the reality that there is only one of every single person out there. To stand out anywhere all I have to do and be is ME. If the Grammy is meant for me, I’d win it when I’m supposed to! As a music artist I find comfort and freedom in knowing all I need to create and be “different” is inside of me already. There’s nobody out there I can successfully replicate and vice versa. We all shine our brightest in our authenticity.

What are some challenges when writing music and staying true to yourself?

Challenges I face when writing music sometimes like many is writer’s block. If I’m not fully emotionally tapped in with what I’m feeling it’s hard to get lyrics out and express what I’m trying to say because usually, that means for me, I’m blocking it. Suffering from anxiety has played a major part in my writer’s block. I’ll have seasons where I have to sit back and focus on who I know I am and called to be, get out of my head before I hop in, and then come up with dope ways to say what I just experienced or want to talk about. I’m thankful for the writers and producers as well I have worked with and who are on my team, because in moments I couldn’t find the words they sat in my feelings with me and helped me find them.

Photo Credit: Juanialys

Sometimes social media can get overwhelming, what do you do to relax and stay focused?

To stay focused and relaxed I pray and take breaks when I need them. I remind myself that social media is what we make it out to be, who I follow and what I see on my feed matters and I don’t take that lightly. I remind myself that out of a screen, life is still happening in real-time, and I focus on gratitude every day which also leads me to stay present.

Are there any future music projects in the work that you’re excited about this year?

I am so excited about my debut album finally looking to come out this fall. It’s been many trials and errors to get here and honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I learned, and I’m learning the ins and outs of what it truly takes to be in the music industry while growing as a woman. Two things aren’t easy but I’m supported enough to believe I can figure it out. I thank God for the guidance and amazing people he’s put in my life to help me grow and find my way.

Juanialys has the potential to be the next new artist. You can check out her Instagram and TikTok for updates on her fashion/modeling gigs and her latest music. You can view her music video for “Beaches” below. Expect more coming soon from this gospel-bred singer of NYC.

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