JeRonelle releases Single and Music Video “Stuck”


( ENSPIRE Music ) “Regret & Reflect” EP Set to Release This Spring 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

An R&B/Soul Singer, Omaha-born, and now lives in LA. JeRonelle is a singer and songwriter starting 2023 with a new EP called “Regret & Reflect”. To kick off the start of this new debut, he will release his song and music video for the single “Stuck”. 

The single “Stuck” is a passionate song, filled with R&B and soul, and is about reconnecting with a past love that got away. JeRonelle’s voice shows deep feelings and regrets through the lyrics as it describes the feelings of reconnecting. According to JeRonelle,”‘Stuck’ is a peak into the last year and a half of my life as I longed to re-establish a connection with someone I developed strong feelings for. This song represents the last-ditch effort we as men sometimes make to win back someone we love after we lose them to someone else” JeRonelle has collaborated with other music artists such as Khalid, Common, Tisha Campbell, and Stevie Mackey.


As an artist what do you take inspiration from?

Most real-life events and situations that I go through, as well as moments I’ve shared in common with my peers, friends, and loved ones around me inspired my music. I’ve had song ideas hit me in the middle of the night or even while walking down the street and I have to pull out the voice note recorder on my iPhone quickly so I don’t lose or forget the idea. I also get inspired by listening to other amazing records and allowing those songs to take me on a journey.

How did you figure out this profound connection between R&B and Soul music?

R&B/Soul music goes hand in hand and to me, they are essentially the same. While some may equate the label “Soul music” to lean a bit more traditional and “R&B” to equate to more progressive sounds and styles, you can’t have one without the other. I like to think that my music does a great job of balancing and mixing both.

Before he got his start, it all began with his appearance on season 2’s “The Four: Battle for Stardom” on FOX. This included guests such as Diddy, DJ Khaled, and Meghan Trainor. In 2020 his EP “Beloved” was performed live and featured on the “Road to the Roots Picnic’ in 2021. 

How has your time on “The Four” and was it the stepping stone into your music career?

My time on “The Four” was a much-needed blessing during a time when I was experiencing a lot in my personal life that I wasn’t sure how I would make it out of. Being at a point of near homelessness while also competing on a national reality TV show was certainly surreal but I’m glad for the experience it gave, the connections it blessed me with, and the wonderful memories of being on such a major platform. I’m honored that people still remember my time on the show and share clips of my performances with their loved ones and followers on social media.

What has changed since “Beloved”?

I feel as though since the release of the BELOVED EP I’ve continued to solidify who I am as an artist and as a person. Both musically and personally I’m able to identify areas of my life that still need work, while also looking back with a sense of pride and seeing how I’ve grown.

What can fans expect from EP “Regret & Reflect”

The new project is very reflective and takes a look at multiple relationships: relationship with self, relationship with family, and also the relationship with others around you. Whereas the last two EP’s I dropped had a similar storyline focused on the arc of a singular relationship/dating situation, this new project looks more at the aftermath and follows me on my journey as I look more and what else is/has been going on in my life. I’m excited to open up a little more with this new chapter.

Any tips you’d like to share on how you improve your sound and artistry?

As far as the journey to improving my artistry, I first had to start by improving and working on myself. I had to put in work to get my mind and my body both in healthier places. 25+ pounds and 2 years of therapy later I feel as though I’m on a much better path. Musically I already knew I identified as an R&B artist, so from there it was just a matter of connecting with producers who would help me craft my songs and my sound, besides me being more sure of what kind of music I wanted to put out there.

JeRonelle’s “Stuck” music video (produced by Dre Pinckney) has been released on January 27 you can view it on YouTube. Fans can look forward to his EP“Regret & Reflect” this spring. Look forward to a featured visual to accompany the lead single “Stuck”. Follow him on Instagram to see new updates. Listen to “Stuck” and his album “Beloved” on Spotify

Stuck Music Video

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