Dr. Ja’net Bishop Talks About the Importance of Self-Care


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Self-care Is An Important Topic As More People Attempt To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Dr. Ja’net Bishop, who is an author and a self-care advocate talks about the importance of taking care of yourself, as she tells the world about her experience. “I was inspired to become a Wellness and Self-Care Advocate following the sudden death of my husband from a fatal heart attack in his sleep. He had stress-induced heart disease (Cardio Myopathy) which led to Congestive Heart Disease and ultimately, heart failure. As a result, I have turned my family’s pain into a new purpose to inspire others to embrace wellness in their personal lives so that their holistic health can support the success of their professional lives,” said Dr. Bishop.

I’ve spent 20+ years helping people to strive for their best lives and this advocacy builds upon that. Self-care is any wellness activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our spiritual, physical, emotional, environmental, social, intellectual, occupational, and financial health. Self-care is learned, purposeful, and continuous. I have experienced it to be key to having a better quality of life as we navigate through balancing both our personal and professional lives

Self-care can mean something to different individuals, but to Dr. Bishop self-care means something that refuels us, rather than takes away from us. It is something that is not forced and something that is enjoyable.

Dr. Bishop has spoken at different conferences, during special occasions in church, and other prestigious events, but she has always had a passion helping others recognize that living an improved life would give them peace and a better sense of their purpose. A lot of individuals have enjoyed Dr. Bishop’s words of encouragement, advice, and how she conveys how she deals with life by using self-care.

“I’ve learned that we may not know what we don’t know until we hear someone introduce it to us. Then we have, as OPRAH calls it, an “Aha moment”, and we begin to see things through a new lens and point of view. With this clarity, we may improve something about ourselves that positively impacts our mind, body, and/or soul.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should take time and do something you love doing once a week, reflect and enjoy the present, exercise regularly, and lastly surround yourself with like-minded individuals. It is important to also get at least a good amount of sleep, so you will wake up refreshed and not burnt out. These are the key ingredients to having a successful and outstanding day or week!