Santia Deck Making History as an Elite Athlete and Entrepreneur


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) History-Making Athlete and Serial Entrepreneur Santia Deck Releases Her New Book

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Santia Deck is a legend in the making as a female football player and social media influencer with over 2 million followers. She made history twice by becoming the first professional female athlete to own a sneaker company, TRONUS, and by being offered the highest-paid contract in women’s football. She has taken these accomplishments and compiled them into her new book “More Than An Athlete.” It is an epic story filled with life lessons built on her imperishable endurance, persistence, and determination.

 As a woman occupying space in multiple male-dominated fields, Santia sheds light on how having integrity and self-confidence are critical to countering challenges on one’s journey. Her book aims to make sure that readers understand this, as well as the importance of being fearless and unapologetic when it comes to staying focused on what they want in life. She is exactly the type of leader that ENSPIRE strives to highlight, as she is breaking the glass ceiling in sports, writing, and business, and continues to share her knowledge along the way.

ENSPIRE spoke with Santia to discuss her experiences as a female athlete, entrance into business partnerships, and learn about the importance of perseverance through sexism and physical injuries alike.

Tell us about your journey from track star to football star.

I started my athletic journey at the young age of 7 when I first began running track. I quickly fell in love with the sport and dedicated countless hours to becoming the best athlete I could be. Eventually, my hard work paid off when I was offered a full track and field scholarship to Texas A&M Kingsville. I graduated in 2014 with a strong passion for athletics and a desire to continue competing at a high level.

However, after completing college, I struggled to fill the void of no longer being a track athlete. It was then that I stumbled upon a random flag football tryout. I gave it a shot, and to my surprise, I did well. My highlight reels started going viral, attracting the attention of many in the sports community. Soon after, I embarked on a USA rugby tryout journey, which unfortunately had to be cut short because of an injury. However, God had a different plan for me, and a few months later, I was offered the highest contract in women’s football.

I poured my heart and soul into playing sports, enduring many challenges and setbacks along the way. Yet, through it all, I persevered, ultimately becoming a successful entrepreneur. My journey from track star to football star was filled with twists and turns, but it taught me valuable lessons about hard work, perseverance, and the power of faith. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, and I look forward to continuing to grow and thrive in whatever challenges lie ahead.

How did your womanhood play into your experience and success, seeing as you were the first female achiever in many ways? 

As the first female athlete to own a shoe company and with the highest contract in women’s football, my womanhood played a crucial role in my experience and success. I faced unique challenges and obstacles but refused to let societal expectations and stereotypes hold me back. Through hard work, dedication, and a never-give-up attitude, I overcame these obstacles and achieved my goals. I hope that my story can inspire others to pursue their passions and push beyond the limits of what they think is possible.

What were your injuries like, and how did you recover from them?

I tore my ACL last year, and it was devastating. Honestly, it still is because I’m still going through the recovery process. It took a toll on me both emotionally and mentally but by the grace of God he led me through it, and I could turn my pain into passion. I wrote a book, traveled the world, launched my shoes in Athletes Feet and Champs, and much more!

What is your best advice on approaching conflicts and hardships that you’ve experienced in your life?

As someone who has faced many conflicts and hardships in both sports and business, my best advice for approaching these challenges is to adopt a never-give-up attitude. It’s important to recognize that setbacks and failures are a natural part of any journey and that we can learn and grow from these experiences. When facing a conflict or hardship, it’s essential to stay focused on your goals and to persevere through the obstacles that stand in your way. This requires a great deal of determination, resilience, and grit, but the payoff is well worth it.

It’s also crucial to seek support from others during difficult times. Whether it’s friends, family members, or colleagues, having a strong support system can make all the difference in helping you to overcome challenges and move forward. In addition, I believe that it’s important to maintain a positive mindset and to focus on the opportunities that lie ahead. Even when things seem tough, there are always new doors waiting to be opened, and it’s up to us to keep pushing forward.

Ultimately, approaching conflicts and hardships with a never-give-up attitude, seeking support from others, maintaining a positive mindset, and staying focused on your goals are the keys to overcoming challenges and achieving success in life.

Who has been a role model for you throughout your career?

Throughout my career as an athlete and entrepreneur, my mom has been my biggest role model. From a young age, I watched her succeed in male-dominated spaces, and it made me feel like I could do anything. Her strength, resilience, and unwavering determination to achieve have been a constant source of inspiration for me. My mom’s influence has been so significant that she even works alongside me as the COO of my shoe company, TRONUS.

She’s not only been an incredible mentor and advisor to me throughout my career but she’s also helped to shape the vision and direction of our company. In the past, my mom even managed me as an influencer, which allowed us to form a strong bond that extends beyond just the mother-daughter relationship. Her guidance and support have helped to help me navigate the challenges and obstacles that come with being a trailblazer in both sports and business.

 What was your experience like while writing and publishing your book “More Than an Athlete”?

Writing and publishing my book “More Than an Athlete” was an incredibly transformative experience for me. I began writing the book during my recovery from an ACL tear, and I was honestly feeling hopeless. But as I continued to write and reflect on my experiences, I realized that there was so much more to me than just being an athlete.

It was an interesting time in my life because my life was changing so rapidly as I was writing the book. I was transforming into a better and more mature person, and I could let go of the idea that being an athlete was my only identity. It was a liberating feeling to realize that there was so much more to me than just what I could do on the field.

During this time, I also experienced some amazing moments of growth and connection. God brought my fiancé and a new group of friends into my life, whom I had been praying for nightly. I could also launch other businesses and talk about my journey, which allowed me to inspire others to never give up and to separate their identity from their profession.

Writing and publishing “More Than an Athlete” was an incredibly fulfilling experience for me, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share my story with others. It was a reminder that even when we face challenges and setbacks, there’s always a way forward, and we’re capable of so much more than we realize.

This story is the perfect combination of vulnerability, strength, and incredible experiences. “More Than an Athlete”, like its author, is a unique and inspirational masterpiece. Santia Deck is already a meaningful role model to women and athletes alike, and ENSPIRE is excited to continue to share her success. To purchase “More Than An Athlete,” you can visit her book’s website.

To learn more about Santia Deck, you can visit her Website

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