Tylan Latest Single “Without You” Attracts with Real R&B


( ENSPIRE Music ) Introducing New Visuals And Music Video

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Tylan proves that R&B is a music genre worth looking into. The Washington D.C. native is bringing in another single with visuals called “Without You”. The new single brings in romantic vibes and a vulnerable tale of emotions. With divine vocals, he paints a picture of an opportunity for love. “Without You” is paired with a music video and which released on February 8.

R&B singer, Tylan, is a Washington D.C. native who has a long lineage of musical talents. His great-grandparents had a huge impact, his great-grandmother was called the First Lady of Blues in DC and great grandfather was a drummer. His mother was also a singer. Now continuing the legacy, he created a debut mixtape called “My Perspective” and has showcased heart defining soul. Tylan’s mantra is “Just because you can’t see anything happening, doesn’t mean God’s not working.” He put work into his new song “Without You” including a music video that resembles a melodic movie. The music video shows sparks between Tylan and a waitress with the push and pull of sensuality with a twist at the end.

ENSPIRE inquires with Tylan further about his lineage, music growth, mantra, and future projects.

Tell us about your life growing up in Washington D.C. 

Growing up in DC for me personally was hard. I saw many of my close family members and friends lose their lives. I saw my community being torn down by drugs and violence in the streets, which caused my mom to not even let me go outside for most of my childhood. I can’t even remember going outside to enjoy myself without looking over my shoulder until I moved to the suburbs. Now in 2023, DC is back on the rise and is being cleaned up, but for me as a kid it was tough.

Besides your family lineage to music, what inspires your pursuit of R&B music? 

Watching and listening to the artists that have come before me inspires my pursuit of R&B! Anytime I need some inspiration, I’ll watch an Usher or Chris Brown concert or I’ll throw on some Bobby Brown or some Boyz II Men and just vibe. 

Have you seen growth from your first debut “My Perspective” to “Without You”? 

Absolutely, in both projects, I had to relive and talk about some things that were tough for me to bring back up and it has helped me with the new music that I’m creating. 

How do you grow as a singer/songwriter? What do you plan on doing to evolve the genre of R&B? 

I believe my growth as a singer/songwriter and as an artist overall comes from me continuing this everyday journey of learning who I am as a person. In my music, I want to be as vulnerable and real as possible, and the only way to do that is to tell my story and who I am as a person. In regards to evolving R&B, I just plan on bringing my style and my flavor to the genre. I love to experiment, so just trying different things vocally that the artist before didn’t try, talking about different subjects of life that they didn’t, hopping on different styles of tracks. Just expanding the idea of what people think about when they think of R&B music. 

Explain to us why your mantra “Just because you can’t see anything happening, doesn’t mean God’s not working.” speaks so much to you in your career and life. 

This mantra speaks a lot to me because it relates to my entire life, not just my career, and it helps keep me grounded to continue to be consistent and stay true to the process. In the world we live in today, it’s easy to get down and lose confidence when things aren’t happening at the pace you would’ve liked or thought. You just have to continue believing and trust God’s timing over your own. 

Are there any music projects in the works this year you’re looking forward to? 

Absolutely, I’m super excited about releasing my debut project where my fans and supporters can hear a whole original body of work from me. I’ve been anticipating this release since the moment I stepped in the booth for the very first time!

Tylan is reviving the R&B, “Without You” the musical essence and harmony bloom in your chest. Listen to more of Tylan’s music on Spotify. If you want to follow any upcoming music and life updates, go to his Instagram. To view the new music video “Without You” click the Youtube music video below.

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