Veteran PJ Cowan Creates New Podcast Raw and Real Vet Talk


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) PJ Cowan’s New Podcast Shares His Story and Others in the Military and Their Lives Before and After Serving 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Alexandra Rivera

PJ Cowan served eight and a half years in the US Army and once retired he learned how to be a civilian again, which can be difficult‌. After finding a balance in life between the two he is now ready to share his journey. Cowans’s goal is, to be open, honest, and speak up about the complicated topics people are too scared to. He plans to share with listeners his life in the Army, what it’s like being a divorced father, and what it is like being a child’s first teacher.

Raw and Real Vet Talk plans on featuring special guests from the entertainment industry and fitness industry as well as divorced fathers, ex-veterans, and many more. Cowan’s goal is to give other people a platform to use their voices. This platform will help guests share their stories of overcoming difficult times, sparking conversation and debates along the way.

ENSPIRE spoke with PJ Cowan about his upcoming podcast and what people can expect from it. 

What kick-started your interest in creating your podcast ”Raw and Real Vet Talk”?

Going through the family court system after my divorce and seeing how bad the system was for families was the final straw, and I knew it was time for me to get back into the fight by letting my voice be my weapon against all the wrong that has been going on.

What can listeners expect to hear in your podcast?

Listening to this podcast, you are going to hear the most “Raw and Real” conversations between myself and my guests. It will touch on topics not only about my life and things that I’ve been through but those of my guests as well. Things that may help someone who is going through a similar situation from divorce, addiction, mental health issues, and list goes on. If it can’t help you, it sure as hell will entertain you.

What are you most excited about for “Raw and Real Vet Talk”?

I’m most excited about being able to share my story as an Army Vet who had to transition back into the civilian world and what that journey looked like for me.

I hope to inspire and help others who may go through similar situations in their life, whether it be a divorce, co-parenting, a father fighting for their children, or mental health. There are so many who want to get to a better place and just don’t know how. I believe “Raw and Real Vet Talk” will give some insight into how you can get through to a better place.

How do you hope sharing your journey will help others overcome similar obstacles in their lives?

I hope my journey will help others by educating them on different resources or strategies to help them navigate their situation. Everyone has struggles. Not everyone wants to talk about them out loud, so if I can help even one person who is listening to my podcast that is a win.

What goals do you have for your podcast in 2023?

My goal is to make this one of the top veteran podcasts of 2023 and also one of the realist, most honest podcasts for people to listen to get Raw and Real Conversations no matter how hard the topic may be. Nothing is off-limits. Follow @raw_and_real_vettalk to keep up with all that is to come starting this March.

Cowan has big plans this year and his future is looking bright. The opportunities are endless and with his ambition and goals, anything is possible.

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