Siddhartha Ullah Makes Snowboarding Strides Towards 2026 Olympics


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Siddhartha Ullah is a sixteen-year-old snowboarder with the potential to reach the Winter Olympics in 2026. He was born in Venice, California, and trains in the halfpipe during the winter in Copper. He missed the Olympic team by just three spots at fifteen years old on Team Great Britain. His first coach was also the coach for two-time Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim and U.S. Team Olympian Maddie Mastro, who also saw the potential Siddhartha has brought to the table. His mother has been an endless supporter and helps him pursue snowboarding.

He was Valedictorian in high school and has gotten into Stanford University, and is expectantly waiting for other college acceptances. He will be starting college at the age of sixteen. He is of Black and South Asian ethnicity. One of his goals is to inspire other black and brown individuals to do snowboarding, since it isn’t a very diverse sport. We had the opportunity to talk with Siddhartha about his experience on the halfpipe, his future winter Olympic plans, his support system, his role models in snowboarding, and advice for those who want to pursue halfpipe snowboarding.

Siddhartha Ullah (Photo Credit: Shamya Ullah)

How does it feel when going onto the halfpipe? 

Dropping into a halfpipe feels exciting. There’s a feeling of anticipation for the next hit, but once you get into the air and are out of the halfpipe, it feels freeing and it feels like you’re flying. 

What are your plans to get into the Winter 2026 Olympics?

Just keep working hard and doing what I’m doing. 

In what ways has your mother supported you throughout this experience?

She has supported me so much and in so many ways. I wouldn’t have been able to pursue this without her. She’s pushed me and helped me realize my potential. She has flown miles and miles with me and driven for hours and hours. She comes to the mountain with me and helps me focus and she even sometimes coaches me. 

How would you encourage young adults like you within the Asian and Black communities to try out snowboarding?

Don’t be intimidated by the cold or the equipment, just get out there and try it. 

Siddhartha Ullah at the Winter Dew Tour (Photo Credit: Shamya Ullah)

What are five adjectives you’d describe snowboarding and why? 

Fun, flying, free, floating, liberating.

Any role models within the Olympics or in winter athletics that you admire? 

Kazuhiro Kokubo and Keir Dillon.

Take us through your daily athletic practice, in what ways are you taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally? 

Staying balanced is always a priority during the season. Part of my routine includes meditation, yoga, stretching, and visualization. 

Outside of snowboarding what other activities do you enjoy doing? 

Skateboarding, surfing, drawing, crocheting, playing basketball with my cousins, listening to music.

In most recent news, Siddhartha was invited to his first Winter Dew Tour this past February. He is the first Black and South Asian athlete to compete and the first Black half-pipe snowboarder in over ten years. He had the great opportunity to compete with the best in the world, including his hero, three-time Olympic medalist Ayumu Hirano.

Siddhartha Ullah is a pro snowboarder in the making. With that skill and support at 16 years old, he will grow and go far. For more information and to view some amazing pictures of his skills go to his Instagram. Watch his 2020 commercial with Nordstrom below.

2020, Siddhartha age 14

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