Nasdaq x Fashinnovation Opening Bell


( ENSPIRE Business ) From March 6 To 10 Begins The Fashion Tech Paris Business Mission

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Fashinnovation is a global platform that is changing the fashion game through innovation ecosystems, and sustainability in an inclusive industry. With the help of changemakers and entrepreneurs, they are rewriting the future of fashion. Founded in 2018 by Jordana and Marcelo Guimaraes, they believe that connections through people are essential for any business. Fashinnovation offers sponsorships, co-host events, and exclusive networking programs for entrepreneurs and executives. With all their contributions to the fashion industry and business realm, they received the highest honor on February 13th and rung the Opening Bell at Nasdaq in NYC Times Square.

“The fashion industry inspires. Technology facilitates. Entrepreneurship makes it happen,” Jordana said at the opening ceremony. She thanked Marcelo, her family, and all those who work under Fashinnovation. It was a small ceremony filled with joy as the bell rang.

NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony

Fashinnovation is a company that focuses on the voices of the people through its video panels. Voices from fashion, entrepreneurship, creative minds, and sustainable individuals all gather to give other brands and startups advice on how to innovate their platforms businesses, and fashion brands. They have hosted over 650 fashion’s leading innovators to audiences in over 180 countries.

What’s next for Fashinnovation? Their Fashion Tech Paris Business Mission begins March 6 through 10. This trip is a nontraditional experience that will help participants rethink the future of business. Those participating will immerse themselves in different cities across the world, in this case, Paris, and learn how fashion is culturally different. Intense days filled with guided visits to headquarters and flagship stores of fashion houses startups, brands, and companies. 

NASDAQ Ceremony: (front row) Jordana and Marcelo Guimaraes and Family

Go to Fashinnovation to explore the technology, sustainability, and entrepreneurship taking place in collaboration with fashion. Join their live discussions with professionals across the globe in fashion, sustainability, and business. If you are a fashion brand looking for leaders and changemakers join this organization. You can find Jordana Guimaraes on LinkedIn. To view their latest panel of speakers for this month’s 8th edition click here.

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