Karma by Tru Frass is out NOW!!


( ENSPIRE Music ) Up and Coming Music Artist Tru Frass Releases “Karma” 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Wesley Tran

Andrew Washington, better known as Tru Frass is a rapper, entrepreneur, and artist from The Bronx, NYC. Inspired by Lil Wayne and his love for music, he started to go to the music studio and develop his craft. Beginning in March 2022, he dropped his EP Tru Warrior with fan favorite “Lost” ft TropicalMarianna. Starting his rap career earlier that year, Tru Frass is already making a name for himself in underground NYC music. Dropping his EP Tru Warrior and his latest single “Karma”, the Bronx native has no plans of slowing down.

The song starts with beautiful guitar strings and a rhythmic beat. With its rockstar vibes and authentic lyrics, Tru gives his fans some gems to live by! The song tells the story of someone who is determined to change their life and accept their Karma for mistakes they or made in the past. Tru closes the song by stating how he is still trying to find the answers before his enemy attempts to get to him.

His Jamaican heritage and his willingness to always be a risk-taker inspired his stage name “Frass”. Since the start of his career, Tru Frass has always used his family and friends as a support system as he develops his sound. He continues to go to the studio and unlock his potential daily by taking risks and staying true to himself. He often finds himself inspired by Lil Wayne, whose music often helped him through difficult times in his life. The rapper seeks to inspire and motivate others in the same way by using music as a tool of self-expression.

Tru Frass draws on his culture and family to create music to inspire the people around him. Through the song “Karma,” Frass surrounds the idea of owning up to one’s mistakes with music, exemplifying one way in which people can become better versions of themselves. His music expresses ideas such as these and creates a bridge between music and self-care. Through artists like Frass, who stay true to their roots and create a name for themselves through nothing, people are uplifted and become more motivated in their journey to becoming better. People such as Frass will continue to be featured to bring motivation and inspiration to everyone interested in growing their character and making a mark on the community that raised them.

Be sure to listen to “Karma” on Spotify, Apple Music, or down below.

To learn more about Frass, check out his YouTube, Instagram, and website.

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