New Art Experience Presented By The Exhibit House of Chicago (EHOC)


( ENSPIRE Feature ) A Revolutionary Exhibit of Experiential Art Now Open in the Heart of Downtown Chicago

ENSPIRE Contributor: Cailin Tennis

The Exhibit House of Chicago (EHOC) is a unique experience that was founded in 2023 to bring experiential art to the city of Chicago. It is Black-owned and founded by Janine Williams. This intersection of art and physicality allows viewers to walk around the open layout of the museum. This creates the feeling as though they were within the artistic installment. This experience shouldn’t be missed by Chicago locals or visitors alike.

ENSPIRE aims to highlight original events and trends, one of which is EHOC’s experiential art exposition. The intricate exhibit tells a unique story with installations such as Disco Dreamland, The Mood Room, and the Secret Garden. EHOC is a creative space for content creators and engaging patrons to create their artistic narratives. At Water Tower Place in the heart of Downtown Chicago, EHOC welcomes all ages and is enjoyable for everyone.

Known as the “Hidden art experience,” the space is an open layout that is partially divided into separate exhibits that allow you to explore at your own pace. Creative Director and Producer Emily Dahlquist, who wants patrons to revel in the colorful and encapsulating installations intentionally did this. It is also a great space for people who are interested in art, but often feel bogged down by the idea of visiting a full-blown art museum. EHOC welcomes everyone of all artistic backgrounds, presenting art that is easy to engage with, yet still thought-provoking.

Emily Dahlquist says that “Through beauty and minimalism, we have created over a dozen installations that revolve around celebration, mind-warping monochromatic reflections, the colors of emotion, and abstract environmental settings.” Each installation has a different theme and exceptional production value. First is the Mood Room, which adds color, cries, and laughter to your daily routine and your social feed. The Mood Room provides a burst of color in a creatively inspiring environment. This is built to visualize different emotions of the human mind through art. This is a vibrant escape from the bustling streets of Chicago. 

Next, Disco Dreamland reminds us that even tiny broken pieces can reflect the most beautiful arrays of light. These reflections that are cast from hundreds of iconic disco balls provide an important reminder; celebration is timeless. What reflections will you see? Followed by the Secret Garden hidden within The Exhibit House. You find a lush path filled with secret messages and unique earthly environments. The Secret Garden features The Rose Room, Butterfly Forest, Desert Daze, Mushy Madness, and Living Luminescence.

On top of all these intriguing rooms, EHOC is also featuring up-and-coming artist Kristopher Kites. Southside Chicago-raised Kris, currently living in Los Angeles, is known not only for his unique jewelry but also for custom-made, pre-packaged ice pops. This one-of-a-kind “Ice Diner” inside of The Exhibit House will be for a limited time, where you can share exclusive ice pops with friends and shop for custom jewelry.

The Exhibit House of Chicago officially opened its doors on April 1st at Water Tower Place (835 N. Michigan, Chicago, IL 60611). Sessions will be held from 12 pm – 7 pm for the public to walk through the exhibits in designated time slots. Buy tickets and learn more about the history of EHOC on their website.

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