GRAYtheband Released New Single “All Done”


( ENSPIRE Music ) A New Album Is In The Works

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Get ready for the new single release of GRAYtheband’s called “All Done”. Not only is this the new track, but it is also the name of their debut album coming up soon. “All Done” was released on April 20th and is an emotional introduction to the “All Done” album. The album will reference overcoming obstacles in a particular moment in one’s life, in this case, the singer and songwriter Gray Ford.

GRAYtheband is an Edmonton-based, alternative, neo-soul, and R&B project. Gray Ford fronted this group, that has rotating artists. Gray Ford is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who clashes the traditional instrumental and modern production offering an unfiltered genre refinery. Warm piano melodies, soulful tones, and echoing instrumentation set this track’s sound as Gray Ford sings. For Gray Ford “All Done” touches on a period of his life where he put everything on hold to support his family. “All Done” has a polished raw approach, warm melismatic vocal style, and sedately powerful sound. The album is to be a poignant look at the insidious nature of modern society, relationships, and the complexities of self-preservation.


Ford expresses, “I was closing a chapter of place and time with this song. Since showing others, folks seem to associate the lyrics and general emotion of the song with their individual trying – and sometimes traumatic – experiences that they have endured.” The repetitive line “all done” is meant to affirm and make you feel safe in times of turmoil. Listeners from all walks of life can navigate their world and conquer their ups and downs through this new song and upcoming album. Follow GRAYtheband on Instagram for future updates on the album release. To listen to “All Done” go to Spotify.

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