All Black Female Band Releases New Music Video


( ENSPIRE Music ) The Band LA’DY Releases Their First Ever Single “Love Me Down”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Martin Draus

“Love Me Down” is a new debut single released by a band of five black female powerhouses. Ashley Kimbrae leads the track with her vocal performance, while Zuri Appleby, Michel’Le Baptiste, Kris Callazo, and Ari O’Neal play the instruments, together forming the band LA’DY. The song is the first single from LA’DY’s upcoming EP which arrives later this year.

Each member of LA’DY has a large background in music that spans even before they all met and formed the band. Ashley Kimbrae started her career when she was fifteen performing in a school talent show and eventually expanding her career to multiple live performances. Zuri Appleby is a talented musician who started playing guitar at 7 years old and started doing music gigs at 16. Michel’Le Baptiste is an expert on playing drums and started from a young age. Kris Callazo developed many successful singles of her own before joining the band. Ari O’Neal landed guitar gigs with top influencers like Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Each woman has had a successful place in the music industry, and now that they have come together they can be even bigger and grander than ever before. They met on social media and were attracted to each other through shared interests. They officially formed in 2019 to bring their talent and artistry to the forefront of the industry. Not only does LA’DY perform their music, but they also write and compose it themselves.

“Love Me Down” is made as a symphony of multiple instruments each played by a different member. Using the drums, bass, and guitar to back up Ashley Kimbrae’s beautiful singing with an incredibly smooth and positive rhythm. The song is a powerful showcase of the talents that each member possesses and their skill to combine in unison.

LA’DY is a band that will grow in recognition as they continue to make more music for their audience. They have shown one single of their upcoming EP which has already shown the power they can achieve. They are a hopeful symbol for young artists starting their careers and they prove that anything is possible through hard work and effort and anyone can become big no matter who they are. 

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