Misha’s Plant Dairy Brand Begins National Expansion with Walmart


( ENSPIRE Business) Co-Founder Aaron Bullock Explains Misha’s Mission And Dairy Aspirations

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Plant-based is becoming a mainstream eating lifestyle and can be challenging for some. For dairy lovers everywhere we introduce Misha’s, a California-based and Black-owned plant dairy brand. Misha’s is established as the “Best dairy-Free Cheese on the Market” They have begun their retail grocery chains. First, it was only in specialty grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific Southwest. Now Misha’s will be available at Walmart their first convention grocery retail store as part of their national U.S. expansion. On May 8 it hits shelves In California, Utah, Nevada, Washington, and Texas.

Misha’s began operating in 2018 with co-founder and CEO, Aaron Bullock. With the help of Mr. Bullock’s team, COO Jasmine Dickens, and CFO Michael Okada, Misha’s has year-round spreadable cheeses. According to Mr. Bullock, “Here at Misha’s, we live and breathe our brand. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop and refine our products,” said Aaron Bullock “As a purpose-driven and community-focused company on a mission to produce the best plant-based cheese for consumers, we are proud to partner with Walmart which has been an unrelenting supporter of us, helping to bring Misha’s to the larger community.”


Misha’s reimagines dairy with the finest non-dairy cheese that is diverse in its flavor and palate 

The ‘cheese’ is made of organic cashew milk with locally sourced fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices. We had the pleasure to talk with Aaron Bullock about creating Misha’s, the highs and lows of running a company, their mission, why Misha’s is a unique plant-based brand, and what to expect from the future after this expansion. 

Why did you decide to focus on plant-based cheese?

I was winding down a healthcare business when one of my employees who was also a long-time friend asked if I would help him launch an idea.  As it happens, I have always been focused on the concept of food as medicine.  And considering all of the prevalent health challenges in the African-American community, and the world at large, centered around diet, this seemed to be the correct Everest.

What was the thought process when creating these four cheese spreadable blends?

Flavor, balance, and Tastaterians that are our customers are of utmost importance to all of us here at Misha’s. Anytime we approach the creation of a new flavor, we consider the fact that our customers demand that food tastes good, is experiential, has well-meshed flavors, and is useable in many ways and most especially as an ingredient.

In 2018 Misha’s was operating at full capacity, what were some challenges and victories that have led to this expansion?

We were really just beginning in 2018. We launched into the local farmers market and quickly learned to listen to our customers. Our success has always been customer lead. We’ve had to overcome many obstacles but have never been afraid to adapt.  We sold spreadable cheese when the refrigerator failed to set our hard cheeses. It was a hit. When the economy turned, we became more efficient. We downsized, outsourced, and grew the brand bigger than ever before.

What is Misha’s mission and what do you aim to accomplish with non-dairy cheese?

Misha’s driving three words are Help, Health, and Community. We intend to be helpful by providing the best plant-dairy cheese in the market designed not for one small segment, but for everyone. Our products are clean and sustainable. They are also incredibly healthy and they create the opportunity for people to add another healthy choice to their diet. Lastly, any success we enjoy comes from the community, and so, we are obligated to give back to our community. This is one of the reasons we are a One Percent for the Planet company.


Why do you think Misha’s alternative cheese blend is the best vs other competing brands, what makes this brand different?

We make real cheese without dairy. As opposed to using chemicals slurried together in test tubes, we simply make great food by changing the base milk from the animal dairy to plant dairy. That’s why Misha’s is better for you and it simply tastes better.

Where do you see Misha’s in 3 to 5 years, will there be more alternative dairy products?

In 3 to 5 years, we expect to be THE Plant-Dairy Dairy Company! We will be distributed internationally and will have a full line of Plant-Dairy products including cheese, milk, and desserts.

Will there be other new alternative cheeses at Misha’s?

We have a few tricks up our sleeves… Stay tuned.

Introducing the four plant-based cheeses on the Misha’s site that you can look forward to trying.

Try these alternatives if you are new to plant-based products and are a huge cheese fanatic. Dabble in black truffle, sari, smoked cheddar, or the French connection; there is an alternative you can enjoy. Explore the wonderful authentic flavors of this plant-based cheese by visiting Misha’s website or Instagram.

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