Amarijit ‘The Incomprehensibility’ Is What The Rap Game Has Been Missing



( ENSPIRE Music ) Rising Rap Star Amarijit Releases ‘The Incomprehensibility’ Just In Time For Juneteenth

Triple Threat Amarijit is slowly but surely making a name for himself in this new era of Hip-Hop. The Queens native has really took his music to the next level in the last few months after the release of his debut EP ‘Set In Stone’. The buzz worthy project which is steadily picking up traction on streaming platforms, was just the introduction he needed to make some noise in this oversaturated market. The genre bending rapper has been making some waves with his latest visual for his single ‘Thru A Lens’, but with his fan base continuing to grow he decided to give them a little more heat to kick off the summer. He recently went back into the studio to cut a few records but what we didn’t expect was to hear such growth in his music in just a short period of time.

Now while most kids are ready to have fun and forget about the school year that hair passed, Amarijit is steady putting in work but in a different way. His dedication to his craft is truly remarkable to watch as he continues to push his music to the next level. Within a month of his last release he’s back with his new 3 track collective ‘The Incomprehensibility’ which once again shows off his impressive style of mixing genres on one project. The opening track ‘Stress On My Chest’ is the perfect way to kick off the EP as the acoustic track allows him to float on the record as his alto register compliments the strings. The song which is reminiscent of his single ‘Thru A Lens’ just takes it up another notch as he clearly knew what his growing fan base wanted to hear more of.

The second track ‘Me Heavy’ comes in hard as he once again shows off his skills, easily switching up his flow on the track and rides the beat as only he knows how to. But the closing record ‘Awakening’ is what really caught my attention. His delivery on the heart felt track is reminiscent of an early Mos Def , Lupe Fiasco & J. Cole who have made some of the most classic records in Hip-Hop History. Oddly enough the charismatic emcee mentioned that the late rapper XXXTenTacion inspired him on the song which in my opinion will definitely take him to the next level as he steadily proves that he’s one to watch in today music. Amarijit is seriously becoming a breath of fresh air in a world filled with oversaturated drill rappers who show no versatility or growth in their music. With projects likes this it’s clear to see that this rising rap is well on his way to becoming a house hood name for years to come. Get into ‘The Incomprehensibility’ which is now available on all music streaming platforms.