World-Renowned Saxophonist, Mike Phillips, Returns With New Single, “Dream Again”


( ENSPIRE Music ) Collaborations with SRG-ILS, Dream Exchange, Tanya James and Hamilton Hardin

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Shout out to all fans of brass instruments, award-winning saxophonist Mike Phillips is back and has released the upcoming single “Dream Again” which released on June 2nd. Phillips has partnered with independent music distributor SRG-ILS. “Dream Again” will be the debut single for his music imprint KIMM (Keeping It Moving Music). This new single will be the theme song for Dream Exchange, the first minority-governed stock exchange which will be launching soon. Dream Exchange’s mission is to create equal opportunity through the marketplace, somewhere it instills ethics, integrity, humanity, and access to the financial markets.

The power of collaboration is what is most inspiring about this new song. Mike Phillips partnered with Hamilton Hardin, a multi-instrumentalist and producer, and entertainment executive Tanya James of TJ Entertainment Group. Other important collaborators included London lead vocalist Sarah Ikumu and a nine-piece Atlanta-based choir led by inspirational artist, Zebulon Ellis. The song was co-written by Mike Phillips himself with Tanya James and Hamilton Hardin playing the instruments within the song.

 “This song makes me feel happy, joyful, hopeful, and ready to take the world by storm by putting actions behind my dreams,” Phillips says.

“Dream Again” is about upliftment and giving confidence to every person to believe in themselves. Some lyrics from “Dream Again” showcase inspiration, dreaming big, and believing in who you are: “Dreams come when you’re awake or even slightly rested. But will remain a dream if you don’t work to manifest it. The future you create is all in your mind. You have the license to dream now, you can leave the doubt behind. Sometimes, I allow my past, insecurities, and doubts to tell me that I can’t. But I know who I am. Circumstances won’t define me. I got my purpose. That will drive me.

You can stream “Dream Again” by clicking here. Follow Mike Phillips’s Time To Dream Again Instagram for more updates on new content. Visit his “Dream Again” site for merchandise.

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