Artist Idman Release Debut EP


( ENSPIRE Music ) New LGBTQ+ Positive Single and EP From Artist Idman

ENSPIRE Contributor: Cailin Tennis

Idman (she/they) announced her debut EP, “Risk”, coming July 14th via Arista Records. They also shared their latest single, “Still,” which arrived alongside a heart-touching visual that unveiled her truth. “Still” also served as a coming-out visual for family, friends, and fans. Idman makes intentional music dipped in nostalgia as she offers nods to the greats while maintaining a modern edge.

ENSPIRE loves to highlight positive changemakers in society, and IDMAN is exactly that. One of their goals is to amplify today’s conversation around Black LGBTQ+ Women celebrating their sexuality/love in all forms. This is portrayed through her artistry and music and deeply resonates with listeners everywhere. Her honest approach to identity and artistry has created an unforgettable sound and an even more unforgettable star.

The daughter of Somali immigrants, singer-songwriter IDMAN’s early world was shaped by the cultural forces of a soil she had never touched. Yet, in her immigrant community in Toronto, Canada, the idea of family was still apparent in the self-contained neighborhood. “I was the only child in our home until the age of five; now, I am the eldest of seven,” she recounts. She/they spoke Somali with her parents until school age, picking up English from cartoons, sitcoms, and conversations about pop culture with other kids. 

A voracious music consumer, IDMAN listened to the sounds of Somali icon Magool, Dur Dur, and the Royal African Band. “My parents also really loved country music,” IDMAN shares, recalling time spent at home listening to Celine Dion and Shania Twain. As she got older, artists such as Beyoncé and Mariah Carey, whom she/they credit for helping inspire and cultivate an introspective songwriting process, also became beacons of inspiration. Bollywood movies were yet another ingredient that provided a new source of inspiration. In sum, her musical openness allows her to find beauty in all different genres, which crafts her special sound.

The new EP “Risk” showcases this versatility. It also showcases its various influences and non-traditional sounds ranging from their Somali heritage to pop, alt-R&B, hip hop, and more. They include intentional storytelling that touches on themes of self-discovery and the emotions/feelings that stem from messy interpersonal relationships, and centers on social activism. It’s moving, deeply emotional, and relatable. 

Her signature sound resonates with intergenerational people that grew up between cultures. Therefore, not only has she resonated with the LGBTQ+ demographic but also those struggling with intersectionality and cultural acceptance in their lives. Idman’s music embodies the thoughts and feelings that audiences are experiencing. This makes their new EP all the more powerful.

A genuine creative in every sense of the word, Idman invites listeners in. She encourages them to reflect, discover, and be empowered to live their authentic lives. The emerging talent continues to make waves as they bare their soul with intricate storytelling, pensive lyricism, and cinematic visuals. While continuing to carve their lane with intention and vision, Idman foregoes genre, gender, and borders as they refuse to be confined. Don’t miss out on listening to their new EP, learning more about Idman, and watching the accompanying music videos.

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