The Melanated Bar is a Family Operated Skincare Business


( ENSPIRE Health & Wellness ) Black Owned Business Officially Reached $1M in Sales

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Paula Delores takes self-care very seriously, so much so that she created The Melanated Bar, a skincare brand in 2016 from Chicago, Illinois. She prioritizes wellness and self-care routines, and it soon became a Black-owned family business. With her husband, Chris Gibbs, they have increased traction which has reached up to $1M in sales. The Melanated Bar is known for top quality and all-natural ingredients. 

This skincare brand caters to the unique needs of melanated skin. The Melanated Bar gained publicity in the beauty industry. They are known for their turmeric scrub and the glow kit customizable build-your-own-box model. It’s the go-to brand for natural skincare where the priorities are wellness and self-care routines. We have the privilege of speaking with the creator of The Melanated Bar, Paula Delores, to discuss how her skincare brand came to be a family business, what makes it unique, recommended products, the Tumeric Shop, and more.

Paula Delores with her husband and children

What makes The Melanated Bar different from other skincare brands?

The Melanated Bar stands out from other skincare lines by prioritizing skin education and the importance of routines. We go beyond simply selling products by empowering our customers with comprehensive knowledge about their skin and the benefits of personalized skincare routines. Our inclusive approach caters specifically to the needs of melanated skin, addressing unique concerns like hyperpigmentation. We are committed to transforming the skincare journey and helping individuals achieve their healthiest, most radiant skin.

How did the idea of The Melanted Bar come to fruition?

The Melanated Bar came to fruition in 2017 when I was a young mom determined to prioritize my mental health. With two small babies, I lacked the energy and motivation to leave the house. Instead, I made a commitment to take care of my skin. I started mixing oil concoctions in the bathroom and applied them to my skin day and night. Not only did my skin undergo a transformation, but so did my mental health. Once I realized the correlation, I knew it was something I had to share with others. What began as self-care turned into a million-dollar business!

How did The Melanted Bar become an official family-owned business?

We became an official family-owned business when our venture started supporting our daily living expenses. It didn’t make sense for my husband to seek employment outside the house, working to build someone else’s dream, when our own business demonstrated great potential. We realized that by working together, we could take The Melanated Bar to the next level. His commitment to the business matches mine, and having his support is exactly what I need.

What are some of the challenges in building and evolving The Melanated Bar. 

The biggest challenge in building The Melanated Bar is establishing a reliable team. It is difficult to find individuals who share the same level of commitment and work ethic as my husband and me. Moreover, we have experienced disappointment with independent contractors who often make grand promises but fail to deliver. This has led us to develop a sense of mistrust towards others. Everyone claims to be an “expert” or the “best,” but once we enter into contracts, they often fall short. As a result, we have reached a point where we prefer slow growth, allowing us to develop systems before seeking additional assistance.

It seems that a skincare routine is the goal with The Melanated Bar, what products do you usually recommend for your customers?

We always recommend starting off with either our Melababe Box or Glow Kit. The Melababe Box includes three essential skincare products: a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. We prioritize this option as one of our first recommendations because it allows you to choose from a selection of products that cater to your specific skin needs.

Additionally, we highly recommend our best-selling Glow Kit. Many of our customers face challenges with uneven skin tones and hyperpigmentation, and our Glow Kit is a perfect fit for them. This three-step skincare system consists of a turmeric soap, turmeric scrub, and rosehip oil. It effectively brightens the skin, fades dark spots, and enhances hydration. You can never go wrong with our Glow Kit.

Tell us about The Turmeric Shop and what’s in turmeric that makes it the ideal ingredient to fight off blackspots.

The turmeric shop is a dedicated landing page on our website that highlights all of our turmeric-based products. We specifically chose to incorporate turmeric into our skincare line due to its gentle nature and proven effectiveness in fading dark spots. Turmeric is an ideal ingredient as it carries low risk, unlike alternatives such as Kojic acid, which essentially bleaches the skin.

What are some skincare goals you hope to achieve in the next 3-5 years? 

In the next 3-5 years, I envision The Melanated Bar expanding into clean everyday makeup products. Many of our customers prefer a “makeup, no makeup” look and don’t necessarily use foundation. To cater to their needs, we aim to introduce a diverse range of products, including eyebrow pencils, lip glosses, blushes, and more.

Additionally, we have plans to launch our very own SPF as an essential addition to our skincare lineup. It is often overlooked by Black people, but the sun can cause irreversible damage, break down the skin, and exacerbate dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Offering SPF will enable us to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution to protect their skin from harmful UV rays and maintain its health.

Our goal is to become a one-stop destination, offering everything our customers need for their skincare and makeup routines. By expanding into clean everyday makeup and introducing our own SPF product, we aim to fulfill all their beauty needs and empower them to achieve their desired look with confidence.

To buy any of their products go visit The Melanated Bar and follow the Instagram for more product information. Want to follow Paula Delores and her skincare journey, go to her Instagram here

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