A “Naughty Empire” Has Taken Over With Sexpert Advice And Style


( ENSPIRE Lifestyle ) Sexpert Sienna Sinclaire Creates Naughty Travel Guides For Different Cities

ENSPIRE Contributor: Megan Grosfeld

Using ideas taken from cultures around the world and naughty women of the past, Sienna Sinclaire has created a method that has changed lives, including her own, with my Naughty Lifestyle Program. She took her three passions and turned them into a business. Through travel, history, and all things naughty, she became an entrepreneur. Being a self-acclaimed history buff, she explores a side that is rarely spoken about out loud: the naughty side! 

Because of her extensive travels all across Europe, she has gotten the privilege to explore and study the naughtiness of all kinds of cultural women. From London to France, she soaked in different cultures of the naughty women of the past.  With such fascination with these women, she learned to appreciate their brazen bawdiness, independence, strength, sexual thinkers, and rule breakers of their time. 

Also, different cultures from Indian to Arabic, even to different decades, have greatly influenced her own personal style from how she dances, decorates her home to how she dresses and much more. Because of these influences, she has found confidence within herself that she plans to share with millions of other women. Overall, her goal is to encourage women to live more naughty so they can start living their authentic lives.

In addition, through her actions, she’s learned to help a lot of people. To take the steps to help, she hosts parties and offers coaching sessions, sex classes so everyone too can live a naughty lifestyle. Above all, she strives to change many lives through fun and educated sex. Sienna continues her naughty journey for her own benefit and the benefit of others. As a former London resident and award-winning travel author, Sienna curated her own Naughty Travel Guides featuring the sexiest and sultriest things that cities (ie: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas & Vancouver) have to offer.

Can’t make it across the pond? That’s OK. Sienna’s online boutique Naughty Girl Shop, (now celebrating its third anniversary) has all the lingerie and sex toys needed to bring those hot vibes into the bedroom no matter where you are. Sienna Sinclaire combined her love of fashion, travel, history, and sex and created her own Naughty Empire.

Keep up with Sienna’s latest updates by clicking her website and reading her blog.

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