Big Cruz Releases Brand New Single, “Get Lit”

Big Cruz

( ENSPIRE Music ) Big Cruz Can Still See The Stove “Get Lit” In His Newest Single

ENSPIRE Contributor: Wesley Tran

DC’s own Big Cruz shows how he’s a big stepper in his latest single “Get Lit.” The high-energy single highlights how Big Cruz focuses on his bread and how nothing will falter his obsession with getting richer. He emphasizes how he has too much to lose throughout the song and gets flashbacks of his struggles in the trap. To hone in on his obsession, he raps “Rule number 1, never tell anyone what you’re doing til it’s done.” The Ross Ginsberg-directed visual has Big Cruz riding around NYC with a lavish woman. They eventually arrive at Cruz’s spot and engage in friendly conversation while feeling each other out. A.G. produced the song.

Previously, he had released a variety of amazing songs and albums. Firstly, a song that shares its name with the album it’s in, “Win It All.” This song depicts Big Cruz’s journey as he shows off his success on his climb to the top. His song titled “Hell And Back” is also featured in the “Win It All” album. In this song, Cruz touches on all his relationships, women, family, friends, good and bad. Coupling his lyrics with a modern-day boom-bap beat, lending to the distinctive uptown Bronx, New York City sound, Cruz has crafted a solid new single. Back in Albania, Big Cruz has been featured on national TV and Radio, boosting his music to more national attention. On top of his incredible songs, Big Cruz performed on stage for the second time! On August 12th, the concert took place in the heart of his home town SW DC.

Big Cruz

Cruzer Aka “BIG CRUZ” was born in Athens, Greece to 100% Albanian parents. Cruzer calls Southwest Washington D.C. home but currently resides in New York City. After the success of the ‘The Facts Only’ series Big Cruz dropped another project titled “Unruly.” By showing his aggression in every track, fans soon started to notice Big Cruz on the rise as an independent artist. He started getting features from Atlantic Records’ own Leeky Bandz to gain help and a co-sign from Washington DC’s Very Own “Yung Gleesh” on his debut single “Gunna” off of the project. Cruz has made an amazing name for himself in the DMV/DC area and New York City.

Big Cruz is no stranger to getting it out of the mud. The rapper was born in Albania and resided there for a little while. Then, his immigrant parents fled overseas to the United States to seek a better life. Cruz adopted his parent’s work ethic as his father was an avid business owner and his mother was a banker before moving to the United States. Big Cruz has received cosigns from the likes of DMV rapper Young Gleesh and has opened up for Lil Uzi Vert during a show in DC. He currently has 28.8k monthly listeners on Spotify and 22.5k followers on Instagram. When he created his own label, Facts Only Music Group, he gained plenty of traction by selling out one DC club after another. 

To learn more about Big Cruz, be sure to check out his Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.

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