Brent Faiyaz Released “Moment Of Your Life” (Ft. Coco Jones)

Brent Faiyaz

( ENSPIRE Music ) Brent Faiyaz Worked With Coco Jones to Bring Their Newest Single “Moment Of Your Life”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Wesley Tran

On August 23, Brent Faiyaz teamed up with Coco Jones to release a fresh track titled “Moment Of Your Life.” The song is a collaborative effort that features production by Dpat, Mannyvelli, and Sparkheem. Brent Faiyaz has one of the most distinctive voices in the R&B space. His vocal range usually sits in a lower register, allowing for his signature sensual sound to stand out and set you in that certain vibe that is undefeated. Now, he will have another one to add to his stacked catalog. His new single with Coco Jones is a sexy cut with glorious singing and suggestive lyrics.

The song is all about providing a one-of-a-kind experience in the bedroom for your partner and wanting to let the rest of the competition know about it. Faiyaz sings about the amazing moment he shares with his woman from his perspective. He tells all the other women that it was so good and that is how it should be when they come through next time. Coco portrays the woman Brent is with for the night. She wants to show it all off for him and how she can be promiscuous even though she might seem like a goody-two-shoes. 

Brent Faiyaz

Brent Faiyaz is a contemporary R&B singer, songwriter, and producer with sly vocals that are frequently applied to atmospheric slow jam productions. The Maryland native got started on SoundCloud and within a couple of years, settled in Los Angeles to further his career. Active since the mid-2010s as a solo artist and as one-third of Sonder, he made a major commercial breakthrough with a featured appearance on GoldLink‘s multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated “Crew” (2016). He has since issued the independent solo albums Sonder Son (2017), Top 20 entry Fuck the World (2020), and 2022’s features-heavy Wasteland.

Shortly after he made his commercial debut in 2016 with the A.M. Paradox EP, he was heard on GoldLink‘s “Crew.” The single reached number 45 on the Billboard Hot 100, went triple platinum, was nominated for a Grammy, and was licensed for season two of Insecure. Just before “Crew” was released, Faiyaz, along with producers Atu and Dpat, formed a group called Sonder, who debuted in early 2017 with the Into EP. Later in the year, Faiyaz released Sonder Son, a full-length recorded during a one-month stay in the Dominican Republic. From SoundCloud to Billboard’s Hot 100, Brent Faiyaz pushed past his humble beginnings on his road to fame.

To listen to Brent Faiyaz’s “Moment Of Your Life,” click below!

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