Up-and-Coming R&B Artist Sheila Announces Her Newest EP


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( ENSPIRE Music ) R&B Singer and Songwriter, Sheila Releases of Her 5 Track EP, Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly Productions, LLC is proud to announce the formal release of singer and songwriter, Sheila and her debut five-track EP, Black Butterfly. Black Butterfly features five R&B tracks that showcase SHEILA’s powerful voice and her ability to blend emotion with soul. The album takes listeners on a transformative journey of overcoming adversity and finding hope amidst hardship. Whether it is moving on from relationships, loss, or personal struggles, Sheila shares her personal experiences of overcoming hardships to find happiness, inner peace, and strength. Sheila turns heartache and pain into a body of work, bringing a sense of hope that it is possible to find meaning in life after undergoing difficulties. 

Each song delivers messages of empowerment, reminding listeners that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The lead single, “Black Butterfly” (feat. Christopher Niles Madden), celebrates the resilience of the black community while encouraging individuality and self-love. Other tracks include “Brand New Day,” which highlights acceptance that each day brings something new. The song “You Don’t Know Me,” inspires listeners to find inner strength despite setbacks. “Moving On,” encourages moving past approval from others to find self-acceptance. “Blessed,” expresses gratitude for life’s blessings. Sheila recently showcased her extraordinary talent singing at the 26th Annual Juneteenth Festival of the Carolinas. She was also featured in the syndicated column ThePulseOfEntertainment, where she discussed her Black Butterfly EP and musical influences.


ENSPIRE was given the amazing opportunity to interview Sheila about her journey to becoming an artist. Read about it below!

Growing up in NJ, what experiences or influences make their way into your music? 

Listening to music in New Jersey gave me an appreciation for all kinds of music and styles. It was not uncommon to hear more than just the Top 40. The music was very diverse. As a result, I still enjoy all kinds of music and styles. 

As someone who went through experiences that caused a singing hiatus, what are some things that you would recommend to artists who are trying to start or get back into professional singing?  

I have never stopped singing, even when I took a break from professional pursuits. My love for music makes it impossible for me to stop altogether. That would be my advice to artists, do it because you love it and it is your passion. Don’t let fame and fortune be your only motivator. If things don’t go as planned, you will miss the beauty of the journey and the blessing of having such an awesome gift to share with the world, which is better than any amount of money you will ever receive. 

How do you find time to juggle singing, church, and home life all at the same time? Do you ever find yourself struggling and if so, what helps with the struggle?  

I sing all the time. Singing is my therapy; it helps me cope with the joys and challenges of life. It is a form of personal expression for me. I don’t just allocate time for formal rehearsals and events. Singing is my passion and a part of my lifestyle, so I don’t have to scramble or juggle to prepare for singing. I do prepare differently when I accept an engagement, but in general, singing is a part of my daily life. 

How much inspiration and/or motivation do you draw from religion? Do you believe that through your songs, others will look toward God for the same things you do?  

My faith is a significant factor in my motivation to sing. I see singing as a gift from God to be shared with the world. I hope that others will perceive my songs as a source of inspiration. So far, I have been blessed with a lot of supporters who have expressed their appreciation for my music. 

What are some things that we can look forward to this year? Are there any things that you hope you can eventually bring to your audience?  

I am in the studio, working on my next project. I expect to release a new single by September 2023. This next project will focus more on love and relationships. Hopefully, listeners will find inspiration in my new music as well. 

Born in Newark, NJ, Sheila’s musical journey began in her early years, taking part in talent shows, pageants, and her local church. During her teenage years, she received support from two prominent figures in the gospel music industry: Pastor John P. Kee, her youth choir director, and Patrick Love, a renowned gospel singer. Both their influences played a pivotal role in shaping Sheila’s singing career. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Whitney Houston, Yolanda Adams, and Tamela Mann, Sheila’s unique style can be described as R&B soul. Black Butterfly is a personal journey for Sheila, and she hopes listeners will find a sense of purpose and healing in her music. 

For SHEILA, Black Butterfly is about rebirth, transformation, and becoming your best, authentic self. “I want listeners to be uplifted by this album,” she says. “Hopefully, they’ll hear something in the lyrics that will make them feel it’s OK to evolve and change. I want them to know that God will help them grow into whatever they dream of.”

To learn more about Sheila and her newest album, check out her Instagram, TikTok, and her YouTube.

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